Some of the latest iPhone 6s and Plus features are reinventing smartphone photography

Amazing Photography on Your iPhone 6s Camera

Tech junkies worldwide are going crazy for the new iPhones. Many in-depth reviews cover the plethora of neat new features that it has to offer, but how about that camera? There are some amazing new features that your iPhone 6s and Plus have to offer. Let’s take a look at what real photographers had to say about the iPhone 6s camera. 

If you look around on the web, you will find quite a few camera comparisons stacking the iPhone 6s up against its competitors, but what does it all mean? So far, the latest model proves itself worthy of the Apple name and the photographer’s favor by beating its rivals in performance tests. The most impressive part being that the iPhone 6s even topped some DSLR competitors. Professional photographers are taking interest, as one completes his in-depth analysis of its features, user interface, video, and more.


To perform thsi test, Austin Mann spent hours shooting photos, videos, panoramas, live photo, time-lapses, and more to fully assess the camera features. It came to a total of 2121 photos, 55 panoramas, 237 time-lapses, and 1310 videos and live photos. He tried to stay as authentic to the mobile environment as possible by using only his hands and very few tripods for stability.

He analyzed resolution, low light performance, OIS (optical image stabilization), live photos, and of course… selfies. “Low light has been the greatest challenge for pros looking to work on their iPhones as their primary camera, but I think we’re not far off from seeing that change,” Mann says. This is the one area where DSLRs still reign supreme.

The OIS feature for video and time-lapse recordings is only available on the iPhone 6s Plus, but Mann does see this as a “game changer”. It is one of the most significant evolutions in the iPhone camera’s history. Mann also points out that Live Photos can help “photographers enrich stories and capture life even better”, by using this new photo and video combination. He said, “Think about the sound, not just the visual. Cowbells, running water, urban traffic, laughing, etc. Sound makes Live Photos way better, and it’s fun to think creatively what sound you are capturing.”.



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