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Best Wireless Charging Pads For Your Device

Wireless charging is like online shopping; once you start doing it, you can’t imagine life without it. Let’s face it, Smartphones are intended to provide convenience to our lives, but when the battery is low and your phone has to be tethered to a USB port or wall plug, phones suddenly become significantly less convenient. After all, what good is a portable electronic device if it’s chained to the wall or computer?

Fortunately, wireless charging pads are now available for many smartphone owners. Instead of needing to charge the phone using annoying cables that limit use and take up space, devices like power mats and charging stands provide simple functionality. Instead of waiting for your battery to be nearly dead and suddenly needing a charge, you can simply place your wireless device on the mat or stand when not in use until the battery is restored.

How Do Wireless Charging Pads Work?

You may be wondering how it’s possible for your phone to absorb any amount of legitimate, functioning charge without having to be directly connected to a power source via its port. The reason these devices work so effectively is an inductive power standard called Qi. The method of transferring electric power as developed by the Wireless Power Consortium offers power transfer at a distance of about 1.6 inches, which is easy to attain when your phone is being placed directly on a wireless charger.

Qi charger

Qi power and wireless charging pads are in the beginning stages of becoming industry standards, and a number of wireless device manufacturers are implementing the standard for their products. These manufacturers include:

  • Asus
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • LG Electronics
  • Motorola Mobility
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • BlackBerry
  • Sony

As you can see, top name manufacturers consider this technological advancement to be the future of charging wireless devices and are making it their business to stay on top of the new trend. Many users are excited about wireless charger capabilities, because one significant issue with charging wireless devices happens when ports begin to malfunction due to the presence of dust and debris as well as wear and tear.

But What About My Apple Products?

It’s true, Apple is not on the list of wireless device manufacturers preparing to switch to the new charging standard. However, a number of wireless chargers are being produced that work seamlessly with the iPhone 6 and other devices. Unless Apple develops their own unique method of wireless charging, Qi is sure to be next on their list of new features, but until then, plenty of products can work well with your Apple device. Let’s take a closer look.

Wireless Charging Pads for Apple Devices

Pond Wireless Charging Valet Tray

wireless charging valet

Imagine being able to charge your phone simply by placing it on a device in your home that offers both form and function. This wireless charger comes in the form of a charminf tabletop dish which offers a flat surface for your wireless device as well as a small concave area for keys or other important items. Rich walnut, black enamel and figured maple are design options which make the attractive charger a fit for any decor scheme. High capacity batteries can provide days or weeks of charging, and the Pond Duo allows families to charge two phones and an additional wireless device at one time.

NeWisdom Charger Stand

Wireless charging vertical stand

iPhone 6 users using a wireless charging case will be thrilled with NeWisdom’s convenient charger stand. The stand connects to a standard power source, but your phone remains free of frustrating tangled cords. The 90 degree angle of the stand paired with its high efficiency charging capability mean you can enjoy your favorite streaming video, read a book or check your email while your device charges.

Wireless Charges for Android Devices

Samsung Fast Charge

Samsung fast charge wireless charging

As the manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular Android devices, it’s no surprise that Samsung leads the pack with its Fast Charge wireless charging stand. The sleek black device, which is compatible with later model Samsung wireless items such as the Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7 and other, newer devices, can provide a charge approximately 1.4x more quickly than many standard wireless chargers. Fortunately, Samsung owners with older model phones can take advantage of the device through the use of wireless receiver adapters which come in the form of a thin card that can be placed inside the phone’s existing case to make Qi power transmission possible.


Qi stone

FoneSalesman offers this highly portable charging mat option that can itself be charged wirelessly. The device can offer charging on the go for any Qi enabled device, making it the perfect pairing for Android devices with Qi abilities. 4000MAH of wireless power means that the palm sized mat can keep a charge on multiple devices all day long. Priced economically, the neat little mat has an outer appearance of sleek stone and is a perfect addition to your work desk.

Wireless Charging Issues With Some Samsung Devices

Many Samsung users are excited about the switch to the Qi power standard because of issues with the standard charging method when using their devices. Often, devices will present users with a message indicating that their dock is connected when it actually isn’t. This can prevent phones from charging properly. The use of a wireless charger can circumvent this issue in some cases, allowing users to charge their Samsung devices without needing to access the port.

Protecting Your Ports

Now that you’re charging your device wirelessly and using bluetooth to stream audio, your ports are more of a hazard than a help. Port covers designed to prolong the longevity of a phone’s standard ports are a great way to increase the overall life of the device. Dust plugs offer protection for Apple products, Android products and laptops. Highly durable anti dust plugs fit easily into ports to prevent the entrance of debris, but have a wide base so that they are easy to remove and don’t get stuck. PortPlugs offers effective low cost plugs for wireless devices that can keep your unused ports free of contaminants such as moisture, lint, sand and more.

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