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LG’s Wireless Charger Makes Dust Plugs a Necessity

The brand new wireless charger from LG will charge your phone incredibly fast. You may never even want to – or have to – use a traditional wire cable again. Unlike other wireless phone chargers, LG’s new charging device is fast, safe and stylish.

In the past, wireless charging has been notoriously slow. It’s never been nearly as fast as using a traditional wire charger. The new Quick Wireless Charging Pad from LG has solved that problem, though. The device can charge a battery that has absolutely no power to as much as 50% battery life in just half an hour. A full charge takes 90 minutes, which is approximately the same amount of time it takes a traditional charger to get a phone to 100 percent. The Quick Wireless Charging Pad is also slim and circular, giving it the modern, sleek appearance customers have grown to expect from new mobile technology.

How did LG create such a powerful wireless charger? Most wireless chargers have just 5 watts of output, making it difficult to charge a phone with any speed. LG’s charger, though, is much more powerful with as many as 15 watts of output. You don’t have to own an LG phone to use the charger, either. Any phone can become compatible with the charger by using a special case and some phones even have support for wireless charging on the Qi system already built in. One concern a lot of people have about using a wireless charger is safety, namely fires. The LG charging pad has a built-in temperature sensor that will stop the flow of electricity if it gets too hot.

Our dust plugs can complete the experience by protecting your device ports when they’re not in use. When you use a wireless charger, your phone’s charging ports will remain unused, presenting the opportunity for dust and other debris to make its way inside. Dust plugs are also great to use even if you are going to be using a traditional wire charger from time to time. When the port is not in use, you can use the dust plug to keep water, sand and dust out. The more active your lifestyle, the more opportunity there is for harmful materials to creep into your phone’s ports. Protect your investment and extend your phone’s lifespan by using our dust plugs.

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