USB Type C connection

Why USB C Is The Next Evolution of Connections

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy s8, USB C is finally being introduced to the mass market.  So what’s all the fuss about? The USB C marks a revolution in connections. It is this little port and this plug that will hoist us into the future of technology. It is a new platform.  Just as the internet replaced the library, as the DVD player replaced the VCR, MP3s replaced CDs, so also does this new line replace earlier models. It is a demonstration of the advancement of technology. But it may leave you wondering what it is about this little connection port that is so special.

1 – It is an omni-cord

Need a charge? Do you need to transfer data at up to 10 Gbps? Do you need to project video onto your television? The USB C is designed to replace all other cords. Previous models required different cords for different functions. An HDMI cord was required to project video from your computer to the television. This new USB C encompasses this functionality. It can charge your phone or laptop, and it is bidirectional. This means that it can charge your laptop, or it can draw energy from your laptop to charge something else. It does everything and is quite literally the omni-cord.

2 – It is going to be a universal charger.

Are you tired of dealing with all of the clutter that comes with so many different chargers? Your computer, your phone, your e-reader. They all come with different cords, and what if you forget one when you go out? Well, developers are creating their new devices with the new USB port. You will have one cord that charges everything. A universal charger.

3 – It is reversible.

People have fumbled around with the USB cord and struggled to plug it into their electronics since the USB was developed. Every time we want to plug in a flash drive or connect our charger, we have to flip it upside down two or three times. This can be quite a frustrating experience, especially if you are in a hurry to complete an assignment, or to get some data onto your computer very quickly. Well, this problem has been answered with the introduction of the new USB. The USB C is reversible, so that it is impossible to plug it into the port upside-down. This simple and obvious solution resolves a frustration with the USB that we have all shared.

4 – A smooth transition.

You might be reading this on your 2012 MacBook or your Galaxy S5 and wondering if you are going to miss out on the features of the new USB for several years. Perhaps you are concerned that your technology will be totally incompatible with the wave of the future. It will be difficult to find adaptable plugs. Well, you need not worry about that. This newer model is compatible with previous models of the USB. (Although you will need an adapter, since it will not physically plug in.) This means that you can keep your old devices until they run their course and go to their doom without feeling like you are way behind or suffering a major inconvenience.

5 – The New Dust Plugs

Aluminum USB C Dust PlugLaptops and smart phones that will come with these new generations of ports are quite expensive. We are often willing pay thousands of dollars. For that price, we expect longevity. However, there are certain risks that can compromise our electronics. Some are risks of which many of us are just unaware. A bit of water, or even a bit of dust can contribute to the long-term degradation of your device. If you neglect port protection, you will be something like the man who does not regularly have vehicle diagnostics performed. He is contributing to a process that will lead to serious damages in his car. Similarly, the person who does not engage in port protection is contributing to a process that will lead to serious damage in their electronics.

We’ve launched a new generation of USB C Dust Plugs for the newest generation of ports, allowing you to protect your most expensive electronics from long term degradation. You should not wait. Do not overlook a little dust or pocket lint here or there. Your devices life depends on your action.


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