The NOKIA Comeback That’s in the Works

A Nokia comeback?

Nokia’s CEO finally confirmed the plotting of a smartphone comeback! Nokia can’t use its name on any phones until late 2016 due to its latest dealings with Microsoft. With plenty of time to figure it all out, Chief Executive Rajeev Suri confirms the┬áplans to get something cooking with Manager Magazine, of Germany.

Since it is looking like Microsoft won’t be able to do much with that deal at all, or their own struggling smartphone sales, it’s time for Nokia to get the creative juices flowing and make a much-anticipated comeback! Maybe an Android in the works? It’s no secret that Nokia has been developing Android apps and even has a successful Android based tablet.

For now, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed, wish really hard, and wait for 2016 to roll around. For more┬ádetails and a look further into the Nokia comeback, check here.

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