Imagine a protective smartphone case that can heal scratches over time.

The iPhone 6s Case That Repairs Itself

Would you believe me if I told you that here is a case out there that can heal itself? It’s true that protective cases are meant to absorb the scratches and dings that our phones would normally encounter. However, I can’t think of any reason we would want to pay so much money for a smartphone, only to wrap it in a clunky piece of banged-up, scratched-up plastic. We are going to take a look at how this amazing iPhone 6s case repairs itself, why it works, and more.

While some of the earlier models are not widely available yet, it is safe to say that a technology like this should spread quickly. The technology has been making its way through the mobile world slowly, as seen in the LG G Flex design, while companies like Innerexile have moved this design into the realm of casing. Other companies, like Just Mobile, are finally making them available for purchase.


Curious How It Works?

We are too! It turns out that the cases and other creations using this amazing technology are covered in a unique self-healing coating. This coating is transparent, making it easy to place over natural phone body casing, like the LG G Flex. It also makes it easy to use as a phone case, without compromising the beauty of your smartphone’s original design (which is great news for phone nudists). The coating will heal itself from surface scratches, swirled abrasions, and other minor dings. Respect how amazing that is alone, before you try gauging into this lovely technology to test it, as it will not withstand such abuse.

But, Can We Prove It?

Testing of these cases has revealed that even some more significant damages heal over a short period of time, while most scuffs heal within minutes. Check out this video of the technology in action.

Just Mobile’s Tenc cases are available in three different colors, and is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus models. You can learn more here. Innerexile makes cases for all of these models, but also offers variations to fit your Macbook, Apple Watch, and more. Check it out. As a tip, you can also check out these wonderful technologies on, where you can save a little with free Prime Shipping. You will see that most of these cases cost around $20-30.

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