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The iPhone 6s Accessory That Gives You A “Back” Button

It’s a simple accessory. A glass screen protector, but what it does may just challenge your mind. How can this simple screen protector provide you with a legitimate physical “back” button without junking up your phone, or failing miserably? We had to check out this crazy iPhone 6s accessory!

It sounds like a hoax, right? It looks to simple to be true. These “smart buttons” are invisible and look similar to most of the screen protectors you would find on the market. However, Smart + Buttons give you two invisible buttons, right on the iPhone.


How In The World?!

Get ready for some pure, but simple sci-fi verbiage. Smart + Buttons protectors use special circuit transmitters to ad contact points to your iPhone screen. By touching the bottom corners, the touch is registered through the screen into the top corners, where the iPhone’s user interface places its back and forward buttons.

Recently, the technology is becoming more available, so you can find plenty of brands, versions, reviews, tips, and more. Here is one in action.

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This video does note that you have to press the touch targets with the pad of your finger for the best results. iPhone 6s users, have no fear. This screen protector will not interfere with the 3D Touch. One thing to take note of is the decrease in sensitivity to the upper corners where the transmitters are located. They will still work fine, but may require a firm press, as opposed to the usual quick tap.

Though it doesn’t seem to be much of a complaint for long-time Apple users, their lack of physical back buttons has been a pain point for converting Android users and newsers alike. Though these nifty new screen protectors may not solve the problem for all apps, they can be a nifty shortcut for apps where a back button is one of the functionalities. The major appeal of these unique protectors appears to be the simulation of having an actual back button, as well as the convenience of having one where your natural hand positioning can reach it easily without shifting (a major plus with these larger screens).

The Smart + Buttons glass screen protector costs around $40 on PureGear’s website. It is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus. You can also find it and other versions on Amazon with free shipping.

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