The Real Cost of Smartphone Water Damage

It’s ironic that many of today’s smart devices use toughened glass and sophisticated seals to defeat moisture and dust, yet they’re exposed to those same electronics damaging elements through the tiny ports around their precisely engineered body. The¬†weakest point in today’s high end devices is the charging port, leaving you exposed to smartphone water damage. The ports are an open mouth for damp, presenting a target for spillage to penetrate your expensive mobile investment. One¬†careless moment of tragedy can end that precious smartphone, killing the screen or disabling the entire device.
If you’re extremely lucky you can try one of those tips you find on smartphone forums, perhaps removing the battery and drying out the device, but that’s a gamble you should never have to engage in when you’re carrying a product full of irreplaceable data.

There’s no better place to begin than by plugging up the point of exposure, sealing the micro USB with a high-quality cover or plug. Firmly insert the dust plug in seconds and know that your mobile device is sealed from dust, dirt, and sand. Light moisture can’t penetrate the seal, meaning that mocha chino you spilled in the coffee shop won’t cost you all your Apps and data. Think ahead, using a quick motion of a thumb or finger to push the dust plug in before you arrive at the beach, pulling it out only when you intend to use the micro USB port.

It’s not as if there aren’t solutions for getting a smartphone or tablet repaired; you see little mobile repair stores being set up in strip malls by entrepreneurs for just this purpose every day, but the price of that repair can come out to more than the device originally cost. It may even make more sense to entirely replace the device, using your insurance coverage to get the latest model, but this doesn’t solve the loss of trapped images, and it sure complicates the migration of existing Apps and games. Wipe away these complicated issues, preventing that inevitable frustration of mobile loss by opting for an inexpensive dust plug.

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