Smartphone Starter Guide- Optimization for new users.

Smartphone Starter Guide: How To Optimize Your New Device

For the budding techie in everyone, there are certain things you should know when it comes to your new smartphone. Even if you are familiar with these wonderful new contraptions, you may want to take a look at some of the best tips and tricks to setting up your new smartphone, and keeping it running great. Sit back and invoke the knowledge of the smartphone starter guide- giving everything you need to consider to get your new companion ready to do great things.


Like Opening A Gift

Just like any shiny new gadget, some assembly is required. Not physically, but internally. There is a lot of setup involved when you welcome a new device into your home, and knowing the must-haves will save you a lot of time later on. It may seem overwhelming now, but you will thank yourself later for linking, connecting, and syncing the necessary components.

Set-up Will Save You From A Blow-Up

Many phones walk you through a setup process that the developers have tried to make as painless as possible. You may be able to fill in your email information to automatically sync any backed-up calendars, contacts, emails, and photos that you already have stored in the magical cloud or on an email account. If you are untrusting and paranoid, you have every right to be, but I assure you that this is a tremendous help.

You wouldn’t want to imagine trying to track down and add every contact and calendar event you had before, manually. If you have never backed up your contacts online, or in the cloud, you may be able to write your current contacts to your SIM card and slide that card into your new phone. Now that you’ve done that, really consider creating a backup in the cloud r syncing info to an Apple or Google account. It can conveniently sync just about any no, from you photos, to your Facebook credentials.

Media Mayhem

If you want to avoid the mayhem, you should consider storing music, photos, and video on cloud storage. If you have them backed up on a cloud storage or email account, it may be easy to sync to your new smartphone. If you don’t use cloud storage, there is hope in the form of iTunes, Zune, and DoubleTwist. These platforms can help you sync media to various devices from your computer.

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Baby Your Battery

Respect the battery, and it will respect you. Li-ion batteries can be quirky, so treating them well will extend the life of your new smartphone and keep it running its best. Keep it cool, don’t lay it in the sun, protect the ports and connectors with anti-dust plugs or covers, and charge as often as possible. Try not to run it down all the way and top it off whenever you can. Since this is a Li-ion battery, you don’t need to worry about charging to its full potential before the first use for battery memory (this is only with nickel-based batteries).

How to Accessorize

There are so many different accessories for your new smartphone. It can be overwhelming trying to sort out which ones will be of use to you. If panda bear cell phone charms make you really happy, that is a good accessory for you. If you are traveling a lot, and often away from electricity, a portable charger may b a better choice. Either way, here is what you need to know- a new smartphone guide to accessories.

A case for cases: Many new smartphone users are choosing not to use a case, and for good reason. If you want to find out why, check out this article. If you love the look of your phone, and choose not to use a case, you will want to protect your ports from pocket lint, dust, dirt and other debris. The best way to do that is with a port cover or anti-dust plug. If you are not a smartphone nudist, you don’t believe in Gorilla Glass, or you just like to personalize it, a case is in you immediate future. There are so many options out there, so you will want to read reviews and ratings. My best suggestion is to find a case with an edge. This will better protect the glass or display.

Turn it up, bring the noise: Smartphones are wonderful music players! Often times, a set of headphones will come with your new smartphone. Before you toss those in a drawer, you may want to read 10 things you didn’t know your headphones could do. It is often more than meets the eye. Check out the article, and if the headphones don’t exceed your expectations, you will want to select a set of phones that cater to your specific needs. Business or play? Or both? Don’t forget to always read the reviews.

Oodles of cables : It is never a bad idea to have a spare charger or cables lying around. It is easy to come across a Micro USB cable, as most phones use these, aside from the iPhones. You can find a wide variety of color options and adapters to fit your specific needs. If you are traveling a lot, or often find yourself in situations without electricity, you may want to also invest in a portable charger.


Store More

Some smartphones do not have a slot for expanded storage. Wit the cloud floating around, it is getting even more rare. The benefits of cloud storage and other services, like iCloud, Spotify and Google Play, is that you don’t have to opt for the more expensive version of your phone with double the storage space. It is getting easier and easier to get to your favorite files and media, without having to keep it all in one centralized location.

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