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The Problem with Smartphone Cases

Every mall is littered with these stands that sell smartphone cases. It’s a lucrative market. Now more than ever, people want customization, personalization, and convenience. But, are we just covering up what hard-working designers spend years developing? They are constantly creating phones that are more sleek and durable than ever before, and we spend good money every time we buy a device, just to hide that design behind a piece of rubber or plastic that may not be providing as much protection as we think.

Things to Consider:

We came across this video that will open your eyes to the beauty and dependability that we shell out money to protect. The truth of the matter is that many smartphone users have already started to realize the truth about protective phone cases. Refer to some of the data in this recent article, and you will see that a lot of smartphone users are beginning to feel the same way. Here’s why:

Our Take:

If you weren’t open to the idea before, I am sure you can now see why so many smartphone users are on board with this movement. The designs that are coming out now, are meant to be shown off. They look great, they feel even better, and they are more durable than ever before. Things to consider are some of the better ways to keep your phone safe, if you choose not to use protective smartphone cases. I agree that a skin is a great way to stay true to the phone’s natural curves and body design, but some of the most important things to safeguard are your ports.

Protecting Ports without a Case:

Using a protective anti-dust plug or port cover for you headphone jack, micro USB ports, and lightning port is essential. There are plenty of different materials, looks and colors to fit your device’s needs. There are silicon, plastic, and anodized aluminum plugs. It makes it easier to select a plug that will keep the most important parts of your phone safe, while still showing off the design that helped sell you the phone in the first place.


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  1. Great article, David. I can’t agree more!

  2. I think this is all good information, but without this rubber thing around phones, a lot of people would drop there phones that they pay for out of there own money an it would crack. And the build of phones are different and that is true an I get that,but its not that different if you want your case off and you drop it an the screen cracks. now a days people are making phones with plastic glass thing were the screen is plastic but will still work like a normal phone. But that is were the rating end or the high ones, phone cases or on the market cause people want to show who they are with there pone. And this thing is telling you all the bad about it but what people do not seem to get,is that there are clear phone cases and a lot that you can see the bad of the phone. it is not for us to tell people to hey take your phone case off cause you should look at the back of your phone. cause when people are on there phone or at least when I am on mine I do not look all over my phone to like the backing.I go on it and when I am done it goes right in my pocket. But wen there is something on it it gives you a piece of mind like hey if I where to drop my phone it would not crack that bad. I am not saying that just cause you have a phone case on your phone its going to take all your chances of cracking your phone. But its assuring that they wont put harm to you phone if and wen you drop it

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