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Why Use Anti Dust Plugs?

Think about all of the stress we put our phones through. We take them everywhere and depend on them for so much.. The charging ports and headphone jacks of our mobile devices are magnets for everyday elements. Just by carrying them around with us, we are leaving them susceptible to pocket lint, dust, dirt, sand, moisture, and more. Ports can even attract unwanted debris just by sitting on the table or resting in your pocket. So what’s the solution? PortPlugs has a versatile line of dependable dust plugs that defend your phone without compromise.

The smartphones and tablets available on the market today are sleek, slender and beautifully designed. Our minimalist product line defends your devices without compromising convenience and style in the name of protecting our investments.

PortPlugs focuses on dependability and style. Each anti dust plug was made with your technology in mind. Designed to defend your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices from the elements we expose them to every single day.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, our product line was designed for a secure fit and years of use. Many of our anti dust plug sets were custom-fitted and fabricated specifically for your most-loved devices. We chose the highest quality materials to guarantee compatibility and years of use.

Still not sure if PortPlugs are right for you? Just have a look. We created a line of anti dust plugs for almost every device and lifestyle. Get started by checking out our custom-fitted Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod dust plug sets, or our multipurpose Micro USB dust plugs that cover a wide range of devices. PortPlugs were made to keep your devices protected without giving up what matters most.

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