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Samsung Galaxy S9 Features You Can’t Live Without

Samsung Galaxy S9 and its larger counterpart S9+ came out one month ago and featured a great variety of features, some of them that we haven’t yet seen. If you’re still undecided whether you should invest in here are some Galaxy S9 features that may change your mind.

Samsung’s new flagship phone came out in March 2018 and features an improved design over Galaxy S8 measuring 5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 in and weighing 5.75 oz (163g.) It sports enhanced camera system, with 12 MP on the rear cameras and 8 MP on front-facing one. Its performance is also quite impressive with both Samsung Exynos 9810 chipset and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (USA and China.) The phone comes in three storage options (64,128 and 256GB) and 4GB of RAM. Here are some of its most notable features.


Super-Slow-Motion Recording Videos

Slow motion video is no stranger on other smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung’s implementation of this feature shows quite a difference. The camera of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is capable of slowing a video down to 960 frames per second at 720p resolution for 0.2 seconds in order to convert it into a 6-seconds long video clips you can after share on social media networks you use.

This is one of users’ favorite Galaxy S9 features, because the camera lens intelligently detects action being performed in the frame, and then it slows it down, without additional editing required. There is also a manual mode that allows user to control what’s happening in the slow-motion video, actions such as looping the clip, swinging it back and forth or reverse it.

Support for low light conditions

Have you ever wanted to take pictures of your friends in dark surroundings like bar, concert or a night walk? However, you couldn’t do so because you were confronted by dreadful, dark conditions. HDR mode in most of phones partially fixed it problem. However, Samsung’s camera takes a step forward.

One of the really useful Galaxy S9 features includes Samsung’s dual aperture camera which approaches its photos in order for them to look sharper and clearer. According to Samsung, its new flagship smartphones are capable of perceiving 28% more light as opposed to the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8. All of that, thanks to the apertures either at f/1.5 or f/2.4.

Animated Emoji with AR

Animated emoji or Animoji were introduced with iPhone X and were totally worth the hype. However, animated emoji on Galaxy S9 won our hearts. The camera will smartly use your facial expressions to make an animated character that will still sort of remind others of you. While iPhoneX’s animoji are designed to be witty and funny, the AR emoji work in a way to make your face look more realistic by utilizing the technology. It’s worth pointing that Samsung doesn’t use an depth sensor, so you will find resemblance with the extremely popular Bitmoji that are moving around.

Intelligent scan

In order to enhance security of its users, Samsung took several measures to make phones safe and private with the user. While Galaxy S8 offers three modes of authentication, Galaxy S9 features also come with the fourth authentication mode, known as Intelligent Scan. The method combines facial and iris scanning. Samsung played smart, so in case one of the methods failed to recognize you, you can use the other that won’t fail. Reason for this is because facial recognition can fail when it’s night. Nevertheless, Intelligent Scan security and accuracy can’t be compared to the one of a fingerprint sensor, which Galaxy S9 is also equipped with. Still, it doesn’t hurt to explore new authentication modes and see how they work.

New Location For Fingerprint Scanner

Dual lens camera is not the only new thing on the rear of Galaxy S9. It’s no secret that one of the only reasons that made Galaxy S8 a lackluster phone was the irritating location of the fingerprint scanner. This time, the company decided to please the community and ended up placing the sensor beneath the camera, instead of next to it. That way users don’t have to worry about messing up the lens while trying to unlock their phone but can precisely aim the fingerprint scanner beneath.

Bottom line

Those were some of the most notable Galaxy S9 features. If you already own Galaxy S9 check out most common issues that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are facing. Also, if your charging plug became dusty and is slowing down the charging process, take a look at dust plugs from our Amazon shop.

What is your favorite Galaxy S9 feature? Let us know in the comments.

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