Remove iPhone 7 Jet Black scratches

How to Restore iPhone 7 Jet Black Finish

The iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus both come with a jet black color option. Unfortunately, the sleek color and mirror-like quality seem to attract smudges and scratches faster than the other iPhone color options. Luckily, there are products and tricks for polishing jet black iPhone 7 and keeping it looking like new.

The Problem with the Jet Black Color

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In order to achieve the jet black color, there’s a multi-step anodization and polishing process that Apple follows. Since the color has such a high amount of shine to it, it shows micro-scratches and abrasions more than other iPhones. While you can use a case to protect the color, some iPhone owners prefer the way the phone looks or feels without a case.


What Not to Do

You should never use a caustic liquid when cleaning your iPhone. Don’t use any type of disinfectant, like Lysol or another household cleaner; alcohol pads; alcohol-containing cleaning agents; or any types of liquid that haven’t been approved for use on a smartphone. While these cleaners may have worked on other iPhone colors, the jet black finish can quickly get ruined if you use a caustic liquid.

Daily Cleaning of Your Jet Black iPhone

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To get rid of smudges and fingerprints on a daily basis, use a bit of water on a microfiber cloth to wipe your phone clean. This will work on the jet black color and on the screen. You can find a small microfiber cloth that’s specifically meant for smartphones. However, since a microfiber cloth won’t get rid of the germs your iPhone collects through the day, you may want to use something that will get rid of both smudges and germs. Zeiss makes ammonia- and alcohol-free screen wipes that are safe enough to use daily when polishing jet black iPhone 7.

Getting Rid of Bacteria

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Even with daily cleaning, you may worry that your iPhone still has bacteria on it. Invest in an iRoller, which is a small, pocket-sized tool that removes bacteria from your phone by swiping it on the screen. It will also remove smudges at the same time, so you can opt to clean your phone this way weekly to keep it bacteria-free.

Using Natty’s Wax

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While the jet black color of the iPhone isn’t from car paint, Reddit users seem to have found a way to use Natty’s blue paste wax to restore the iPhone’s shine and keep it smudge-free. The wax also helped some users get rid of scruffs and protect the phone from small scratches. Read about using Natty’s for polishing jet black iPhone 7.

To truly protect the finish of your jet black iPhone, consider using a clear protective case that will still show off the phone’s color. Of course, make sure it’s made from Soft TPU plastic in order to not add even more scratches. Not only will you keep scratches at bay, but your phone won’t collect particles or dust from the air.

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