Protect Your Phone or Tablet Without A Case

When you made your iPhone or tablet purchase, chances are good that you spent a sizable chunk of money. These types of devices can cost hundreds of dollars, and when one breaks, it can really ruin a perfectly good day! Knowing this, most people take the necessary steps to provide important protection for their electronic investments. However, a common problem that many people encounter is the price for protective cases. For example, some OtterBox cases, which are widely considered to be the gold standard for iPhone protection, can cost upwards of $100.00. Let’s take a look at some more affordable steps you can take to offer protection.

Screen protectors, such as those made by a company called Invisible Shield, are designed to offer a more affordable mode of protection. While entire cases are the best mode of protection, screen protectors do enable you to use your device without fear. They serve multiple purposes. One of those purposes is to prevent scratching. Many people scratch the screens of the iPhones when they place the phone in their pocket. this is especially problematic if you put your phone inside your pocket along with care keys. Your keys will move about as you walk, and they can cause damaging scratches to touch screens.

A dust plug is another great form of cheap protection. These small plugs fit perfectly inside the openings found at the top of smart phones. The openings, or headphone jacks, often become clogged with dust and dirt if they are left unattended. This problem is often overlooked. Unfortunately some people do not realize the value in buying these cheap plugs until dust starts to ruin the device they are using. In addition to dust, the plugs also keep out unwanted moisture and other small debris.

While many people agree that the best mod of protection is a full case, the truth of the matter is you can get many of the same benefits when you simply use a screen protector. As mentioned, screen protectors help to prevent scratching, but they also serve another purpose. Sometimes spills and accidents happen, and they can leave a sticky residue which is nearly impossible to get rid of. However, some scree protectors are interchangeable, so all you have to do is remove the old one and replace it with a new one. This is a great feature because it prevents you from spending more money than you need to.

iPhone screens are made of glass, so it is easy for them to crack. Once a crack begins it is hard to stop it from spreading. More advanced screen protectors actually act as powerful band aids. If you do experience a crack in your screen the protector will keep the glass in tact to prevent further damage. Without one of these, you run the risk of having to spend over $400.00 for a replacement phone, or at least $200.00 for a replacement screen. It only makes sense to take steps to protect your beloved items.

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