USB-A Anti-Dust Port Plugs (50-Pack)

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  • EXTRA PROTECTION – The perfect solution for protecting sensitive computer ports from dirt, dust, and liquid splashes.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE – Includes all essential ports for a universal fit with most PC Desktop, Laptop and Notebook computers
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – Made from a soft silicone material that is tear resistant and will not need to be replaced for years to come.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE – Forms a tight seal to keep contaminants out of the laptop port, yet they come out without a struggle when removed.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – PortPlugs carry a 100% money back-guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied we will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.
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Keep your USB ports shielded against dust, grime, splashes and everything in between with PortPlugs USB A port covers!
Crafted to create a snug fit and styled to blend in, these covers better protect your ports without taking away from the aesthetics.

Superior Port Protection

Save yourself the stress of port problems and the pain of potentially pricey repairs. Lint build-up and accumulated grime in USB
ports are the main culprits when it comes to bad internal connections. PortPlugs covers are custom-molded to keep your
device’s USBA ports sealed from dirt and better shielded against splashes.

Thoughtfulness in Design

No dealing with port covers that are a pain to use. Our rubber plugs allow you to easily remove them whenever you want to use
the port and quickly insert them afterwards. And with a design that cuts back on the bulk, you’ll never have to worry about
snagging or unsightly protrusions ruining the look of your device.

Universal Compatibility

Looking for anti-dust plugs to protect the USB A ports on your computer? Whether you have an HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer,
Toshiba, Samsung, or any other PC, these computer port covers guarantee a great fit. They’re also great for protecting USB
ports on car radios, chargers, and all other electronics that have USB-A ports.

Enjoy Great Value

Our USB port covers value pack comes with 50 anti-dust plugs. Enough to act as spares in case you happen to lose some.
Enough to protect the USB ports of all the computers in the family. And enough to dish out to friends and pass on the gift of
beautifully working ports.

Quality You’ll Love

Not satisfied? We’ll give you a full refund; no questions asked.