Samsung Galaxy s5 Port Cover


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Samsung Galaxy s5 port cover replacement

If you broke off the port cover of your Samsung s5, this replacement part will restore your phone back to its new condition within minutes with no professional help required. It comes in silver color, is brand new, and custom made to match the Samsung S5. The port will fit all Samsung Galaxy S5 phones and will efficiently protect your phone from dust and water.

Whether you have a professional do it, or install the part yourself, you will save money and get your Samsung s5 back to new with this incredibly useful replacement part.

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Did you break or lose the small USB port flap on your Samsung Galaxy S5? Are you worried that this might harm the phone’s water and dust resistance? No worries, you do not have to spend a lot of money on getting it repaired – you can easily do it yourself with this samsung galaxy s5 port cover replacement.

Replacing this part is easy and just about anyone can easily do it themselves. The video below will teach you how in just over 3 minutes:

It’s no surprise that your Samsung Galaxy s5 port cover broke off, because the flap is so regularly opened and closed for charging. Getting it fixed from a repair shop is costly but with this replacement part, you can do it yourself. You just need a small Phillips head screwdriver to install it, which is not included with this product.

• Made of chrome plastic that matches the S5, in silver color
• Can fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 within minutes
• Brand new
• Works with all S5 devices
• Fits perfectly and tightly to prevent dust and water from going inside
• Requires a small Phillips head screwdriver (NOT included)

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1 review for Samsung Galaxy s5 Port Cover

  1. Bruce W.

    Product quality is very good. Very little investment for excellent protection against any liquids or dust. Very easy to install. Just need one of those small screw drivers. In fact, buy a few now just in case. It is well worth it as your original plug will probably fall off fairly soon. Mine did after about 5 months.

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