PortPlugs USB-C Cable Cover (5-Pack)

USB Caps, Type C Protector Dust Plug for MacBook, Android Charging Cables (Clear).

Steer clear of charging issues and damaged ports by keeping your USB-C cable free of debris! Custom-molded to create a protective fit around your cable’s connector ends, PortPlugs USB caps are a small investment that can result in major savings down the line. Go ahead, get proactive, and keep your cables in great shape!

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  • ✓ PROTECT YOUR CABLES: Keep the connector ends of your USB-C cables free of dirt, lint, and corrosion. Our USB caps are designed to create a snug, protective fit around the connectors. The result? Cables that keep charging and transferring data with reliable efficiency.
  • ✓ SECURELY STAY IN PLACE: Unlike other USB-C cover caps that come off during transit, our USB cable caps stay in place thanks to soft and flexible silicone rubber. And thanks to the tether that comes attached, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your cable dust plug.
  • ✓ WORK WITH MOST USB-C CABLES: The charging cable covers protect the ends on your Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro charging cable and USB-C cables that come with your Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, One Plus, and other Android smartphones and tablets. Charge your usbc with efficiency.
  • ✓ GREAT FOR OUTDOORS: Looking to give the USB cables on your motorcycle some protective water-resistance? Slip-on one of our USB-C protector covers and cruise in the rain without any worries; just what you need to keep your cables rust-free and working right.
  • ✓ SAFEGUARD YOUR PLUGS: Don’t risk transferring debris to your phone’s port through your cable. Use a cable cover together with our USB-C port cover and keep your device working beautifully. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get USB caps from the most trusted name in port protection!


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