PortPlugs Cell Phone Cleaner Kit and Brush Set

Includes Carry Case, Port Cleaning Tools Compatible with All iPhones, Android Smartphones, Tablets, AirPods, Hearing Aids (24 Pieces)

Remove debris without damage, eliminate lint without any hassle, and get rid of dirt without static with our cell phone cleaning kit! This 24-piece set gives you all the tools you need to clean your phone’s headphone jack and charging port and keep your device functioning beautifully.

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  • ✓ PORT CLEANING MADE SAFER: Safely remove dirt, dust, lint, sand, and debris, without damaging charge port connectors with regular swabs or toothpicks. These foam-tipped swabs are made using soft, compressed polyurethane foam that is thermally bonded to the handle to eliminate contaminating adhesives or coatings.
  • ✓ COMPLETE PHONE CLEANING KIT: This 24-piece iPhone cleaning kit comes with 4 nylon port cleaner brushes, 6 foam-tipped cleaning swab sticks for the headphone jack, 6 foam-tipped cleaning swabs for USB & charging ports, 6 foam-tipped spiral swabs for the headphone jack, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth for wiping the screen clean, and a durable zippered carry case.
  • ✓ ANTI-STATIC DESIGN: No more risking the safety of your electronics with static and fuzz that clings. Unlike cotton cleaning swabs that leave fuzz behind and attract lint, the nylon brushes and foam swabs thoroughly clean your ports without leaving fibers behind or building any static charge.
  • ✓ COMPLETE VERSATILITY: This headphone and USB port cleaning kit are not just for your smartphone. Use it to clean in between your laptop’s keys and remove debris from the ports, clean the sensitive components of your printer or camera, and electronics with safety.
  • ✓ FIX INTERMITTENT CONNECTIONS: Charge your battery faster and enjoy the full performance of your devices. Enjoy better connections and clearer audio from your 3.5 mm headphone Jacks. You have absolutely nothing to lose! We’ll gladly issue a full refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied.


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