PortPlugs Flat Style Dust Plugs For iPhone 12

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iPHONE PORT PLUGS – Flat Design For Snug Fit with iPhone 12, 11, X, 8, 7 Pro, Max and iPads or Any Apple device with a Lightning Port. Each set includes Lightning port protector caps * 10 Pieces + 1 iPhone cleaning brush (Phone not included).

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – Dust, dirt, grime, and lint can wreak havoc on your devices, leading to costly repairs. With this simple accessory, you get superior port protection against dust, lint, debris, and moisture while maintaining the stability of the port to prevent bad internal connections.

BARELY NOTICEABLE DESIGN – The low-profile design of this anti-dust plug is custom fit to complement the flat edge and sleek lines of the newest iPhone, leaving the stunning workmanship on display and ensuring you get maximum protection without the bulk of closed-port phone cases.

WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE – Whether you use a wireless charger or not, these anti dust plugs are easy to insert and remove, but firmly stay in place even when the phone is moving about as you walk. The iPhone port covers stay flush to your phone to prevent any snagging when placing it in your pocket or purse.

AVOID PRICEY REPAIRS: Save yourself the stress of charging issues, the headache of port problems, and the pain of expensive repairs. Our lightning dust plug set helps to keep your iPhone working flawlessly by protecting the internal connections of your ports.


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