MacBook Dust Plugs – Set of 9


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Protect your investment today and keep your MacBook safe!

  • Custom Molded Design made from Soft, yet Durable Food Grade Silicon
  • Keeps Lint, Dust, Dirt, Sand, Grime, and other Debris out of your MacBook ports.
  • Blends Beautifully.  Easy to Install and Remove.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


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FREE Shipping anywhere in U.S.*

Macbook Dust Plugs

9 Piece set made specifically for the MacBook helps prevent mishaps like a liquid spill, dust or dirt damaging sensitive ports. These bright, fun colored plugs add a bit of style to your MacBook and keep ports safe by acting like barriers, not letting anything in. You can travel with your MacBook or take it outside without worry; use the port plugs anytime, anywhere!

Choose from Black, Blue, Pink, or Clear colors. Each plug is made of food grade silicone rubber, and makes a perfect seal around the matching port, acting as guards. The MacBook dust plugs are easy to put in and simple to remove when needed.

9 Piece Set includes:
• 2x USB Plug
• 2x 3.5mm Headphone Plug
• 1x Magsafe Plug
• 1x SD Card Slot Plug
• 1x HDMI Plug
• 2x Thunderbolt Plug


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