iPhone SE, 5 Dust Plug UniPlug Set

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PortPlugs UniPlug is perfect for Apple iPhone 5 owners. This convenient iPhone 5 dust plug easily allows access to either port while staying firmly secured by the unused port. Made with food grade soft silicone, they seal tightly around your headphone and Lightning ports, keeping liquids and dust out.

Package Contains:

  • 5x UniPlug of selected color


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Dust is an enemy to your iPhone. You need to take all possible measures to ensure the dust-free use of your favorite Apple devices. If you have no idea how to protect your ports in your phone, you need to learn about PortPlugs. These are very small, but work wonders. They are highly effective and can protect your devices from getting dust, dirt, grime and liquids inside them. Here are a few details about them:

Keeping the dirt out: the port plug will be able to keep dirt, debris as well as any other spilled liquid out of the ports of your phone. So if you spill something in your pocket besides your phone, there will be nothing apart from your pocket to worry about!

Eco-friendly is what you need: made from food grade silicone, this product is completely environment friendly and is compatible with newer Apple lightning ports. It does not emit any kind of radiation, and does it react to substances of the mobile phones.

Convenient access: The unique design of this 2-in -1 iPhone 5 dust plug, is capable of sealing the 3.5mm earphone port and lightning port simultaneously, while offering easy access to the unused port.

Investment for life: This iPhone dust plug is made from silicon, if used regularly you will never have to replace the ports on your devices. Silicon is soft and resistant towards environmental abuse. The silicone will not wear out or dry up after use. This ensures complete safety of your phone from the inside.

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2 reviews for iPhone SE, 5 Dust Plug UniPlug Set

  1. Stacy

    great product! they are just too perfect! totally love it!

  2. Sandra

    Lint can really be an issue. My son had problems with pocket lint getting into the lightening port and then creating charging problems. The lint can be removed but poking around in there with a toothpick isn’t really something you want to do regularly. These plugs are an elegant and simple solution to the problem and were much preferable to putting the phone in one of the huge cases just to cover up the port holes. This item works and solves the problem. It’s certainly worth the little cost just for the piece of mind that lint dirt dust etc won’t be going where they don’t belong!

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