Micro USB (5 Pairs) with Headphone Plugs Compatible with Android

Micro-USB Port & Earphone Jack, Cell Phone Dust Plug Set

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Micro USB Dust Plugs – 5 Pairs

Perfect for Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones and tablets. Made with food grade soft silicone, they seal tightly around your headphone and micro USB ports, keeping liquids and dust out.

Available in Black,Clear and White, the set is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Package Contains:

  • 5 x Micro USB Plug
  • 5 x 3.5mm Headphone Plug
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Dust is an enemy to your Android phones

You need to take all possible measures to ensure the dust-free use of your favorite Micro USB devices. If you have no idea how to protect your micro usb ports in your phone, you need to learn about PortPlugs. These are very small, but work wonders. They are highly effective and can protect your devices from getting dust, dirt, grime and liquids inside them.

Keeping the dirt out: the port plug will be able to keep dirt, debris as well as any other spilled liquid out of the ports of your phone. So if you spill something in your pocket besides your phone, there will be nothing apart from your spoiled pocket to worry about!

Eco-friendly is what you need: made from silicon, this product is completely environment friendly and is compatible with all newer cell phone ports. It does not emit any kind of radiation; neither does it react to substances of the mobile phones. Therefore, keeping the environment completely safe.

Customized for the better: the size of 3.5mm port of earphones can also be sealed with these port plugs easily. You can protect any ports and openings of your phone simply by sealing them with anti-dust plugs. This will ensure optimal performance of your android phone

Investment in the life of your device: as the android dust plug is made from silicone, you will never have to replace the port plugs from your devices with time.

Micro USB Android dust plugs are for Phones & Tablets. Package contains 5 sets of selected color.

Need more proof?  Check out our Amazon listing to read the reviews for yourself.


Black, White, Clear

2 reviews for Micro USB (5 Pairs) with Headphone Plugs Compatible with Android

  1. Mike

    Fantastic Product! I ordered these to help protect the USB port and headphone jacks on my
    phone since I work outside, and didn’t want dirt or water getting in them.
    I’ve used these on the job and they work fantastic. Great quality product

  2. Celia

    Protects your phone and fits perfectly. Actually fits, and these are totally worth it. Now dust won’t get into my phone (Moto X). I even fitted out some people with iPhones (the headphone one fit perfectly, the microusb actually fit in the lightning port with some wiggling)

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