Portable 4 Port USB Charger

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The PortPlugs 4 port USB charger is the only charger you need for your devices.

4 Port USB Charger

You can charge up to four USB enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and bluetooth speakers.
All USB devices adhere to the IEEE 1394 standards
United States Standard Outlet Plug
Input A/C 100 to 240 Volts
50~60Hz 15.5Watts
Total Output D/C 5 Volts @ 3.1 Amps

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Our 4 port USB charger is the only charger you need for your devices. This wall charger features a fold in wall plug that makes it convent to just through into your bags or even into your pockets. Never be caught with a dead phone so don’t leave home without this wall charger.

It can accept up to four USB compatible devices at a time. These devices can include smartphones, cell phones, GPS devices and tablet computers that has a standard micro-USB port.

Some of the many brands that are compatible include iPhone, Samsung, HTC, , and Toshiba tablets. You’re not just limited to charging smartphones as you can charge a multitude of devices. This can include camcorders, cameras, and GPS units. In fact, most small portable electronics charges via USB port which makes this 4 Port USB Charger an invaluable addition to your road warriors go bag.

This wall charger is perfect for travelling. It is small enough to fit almost anywhere. You can store the PortsPlugs charger in a purse, backpack or briefcase. The 4 port USB charger is durable and will last as long if not longer than most of your devices that need charging.

The circuitry in this charging unit is efficient. This will allow your devices to be charged in as little as two hours. The PortsPlugs charger outputs 15.5 Watts of total power and can charge all your devices simultaneously. One should never be without battery power for your gadgets. With this wall charger, your phones will always have power.

With a four port charging adapter, you no longer need to bring four separate chargers for your devices. This saves a lot of space in an already over-crowded bag. This is a plus for those with a lot of carry-on bagging on their next flight. The charger is also useful in hotel rooms that may have a limited amount of wall outlets.


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