iPad & iPhone Dust Plug Sets

There is a unique set of tech-lovers out there. They love to snap the best shot, wander, explore, and stay connected. Their love is for Apple and its line of sleek and savvy portable devices. Apple makes the kind of technology you want to take with you on every adventure life throws at you.

Our product line focuses on the essentials without giving up on style. Each anti dust plug is optimized to defend your Apple devices from the elements of everyday living and meant to blend beautifully with the sleek designs Apple is known for.

With the use of an anti dust plug or port cover, you can expect a long life from iPads, iPhones, iPods and other iDevices. These plugs have been custom-molded, fitted, and designed to fit your Apple devices with style and convenience. Oh, and did we mention the value?

Still haven’t found the PortPlugs right for you? We have a diverse line of anti dust plugs for Android, and anti dust plugs for laptops and notebooks.

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