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6 Ways to Prevent Smartphone Theft

It can happen to anyone, no matter how lucky you think you may be. If you don’t take the proper steps to prevent smartphone theft, your device could be the next thing on the back of the proverbial milk carton. Scratch your paranoia and rest a little easier with these top steps to ward of phone thieves.

    1. Do not flash pricey accessories, apple headphones, or swanky headphones in rougher public places unless your device is secure and hidden away on your person. When a thief sees headphones or gadgets that look like they are attached to something even more valuable, they’re going to be tempted. You may want to pick up a pair of basic headphones for use while you are traveling through crowded areas or questionable areas.

    2. Try not to take your phones or other devices out in thickly crowded places or areas that may be seen as risky or crime-ridden. The best thing to do is wait until you are in a private area. If it is an emergency, it is suggested that you keep your body and your device turned toward a wall or object. This can help shield your device visually and physically.

    3. If your arms are full, don’t keep your phone in hand for long periods of time. With an arm full of bags, eating a burger, and texting grandma- you are a target for an unexpected grab. A thief will see you as far to busy and loaded down to expect anything or react quickly enough. If you need to use it, put it away quickly and resist the urge to check it until you have a free hand.

    4. Public transportation can be a hotspot for theft and lost devices. If you get your phone out, every around will know it, they will know what you’re doing on it, and you have a greater chance of leaving it behind. There are still good people out there, but the chances of getting your phone back if you leave it behind on the metro, are slim. Do yourself a favor, and keep it up. Read a book, or feed your headphones into your pocket or bag.

    5. It is hard to avoid leaving your phone out on the table. You want to know everything that’s going on, you want to keep an eye on the time, or maybe it’s just a habit at this point. At work, the gym, the restaurant, or wherever, it’s easy to get distracted. That phone is a sitting duck. If you really do need to keep an eye on it, place it on a part of the table that is close to your body or a wall, not the aisle or walkway. Another tactic that helps prevent theft is to make eye contact with people who come close to your belongings when you are in a public setting.

    6. Be helpful, not naive. When someone wants to know what time it is, or if it is going to rain, use your keen skills of observation. Don’t rely on technology for everything. Check your watch, find a clock, or take a look around. Thieves may use this as a set-up for a steal, but can take advantage if you are getting your phone out to help another.

Whatever the case, you know how much your device means to you. If you want to do your part to prevent smartphone theft and protect your investment, be sharp. Use your noodle, and follow these tips.

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