Port Plugs And Protection

As a society we continue to place great importance on technological innovations. Many of these technological advances have led to the creation of the devices that we love, and sometimes take for granted, each and every day. These days a phone is not just a phone. iPhones have revolutionized the ways in which we use our phones on a daily basis. Additionally, tablets, ipods and other devices have become an integral part of the lives of everyone. All of these devices share one commonality, and that is the fact that they have receivers for headphones and other plug-ins. Port plugs offer a way to prevent these areas from experiencing corrosion.

Port plugs have a variety of uses. When they are plugged into a headphone jack for example, they allow you to have peace of mind that dirt and grime are not able to get inside. In addition to keeping out dust and dirt, these plugs prevent moisture from entering the Micro USB or Headphone Jack and potentially ruining your device. Moisture can short circuit most devices in a flash. Sometimes it only takes a small drop of water to completely devastate your investment. While these plugs might not protect your tablet from a complete submersion underwater, they do offer a great deal of protection in other instances.

Consider a time in which you are at a party. Everyone has their phones out to contact friends and take pictures. You would never think to leave your phone at home in this type of situation. However, social gatherings are some of the most dangerous places for tablets and phones. This is mainly due to the potential for spills. Party guests often get comfortable enough to leave their phones out on tables as they socialize with others. All it takes is one person to carelessly stumble into the desk and spill his or her drink all over your phone. A port plug can limit the immediate impact of the accident by protecting your device when it is first hit with the fluid.

The good news is that these protective plugs are stylish. They come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, which allows you to find a plug to perfectly accent your chosen device. You do not have to buy a cute cartoonish-looking port plug, however. Some companies design these plugs to blend in with the rest of your device, so as not to stand out too much. These understated designs are preferred by business people.

Additionally, port plugs are quite economical to purchase There are even online tutorials which instruct you on the best methods for making your very own plugs! The materials you use to make them can be found at local craft stores, and you can use the remnants of old or broken headphones to create them. You can go online and find some truly unique designs on sites such as Ebay. If you are interested in buying a practical protective device that makes your phone stand out from the rest, then you should seriously consider purchasing your own port plug.

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