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Why My Nokia 6100 is better than Your Smartphone

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they were retiring the Nokia brand name for good. As a phone enthusiast and former Nokia employee, the announcement made me a little retrospective and sad.

I couldn’t help but thinking about the days when Nokia’s products and brand were simply unstoppable.

In 1998 I purchased my very first cell phone, a Nokia 6190 from Pacific Bell Wireless. It represented the peak of technology at the time and had features such as caller ID, an integrated calendar, vibrating NiMH battery, alarm clock and even included the video game “Snake”.

Toughest phone ever

What made the Nokia brand legendary was its ability to stand up to incredible punishment.  It was miraculous, and quickly earned the title of “toughest phone on the planet”.  During the early 2000s as a field rep for Nokia, I heard some of the most incredible tales from both cell phone store reps and customers about how the phone survived the seemingly impossible. 

I  remember hearing of a Nokia that functioned perfectly after being dropped from a 3rd story window and then going through a lawnmower!  These phones were incredible and soon achieved cult status. Nokia mobile phones simply couldn’t be stopped even after being swallowed by a 25lb cod fish for a week.


Nokia reception was second to none

For younger readers, I think it’s important to understand that before Facebook, texting, Snapchat and streaming video, people used cell phones to call each other.   If you had a Nokia, you were likely able to make and receive calls in even the most rural areas.

Beyond the fundamentals, Nokia phones were simply designed well.  They worked perfectly right out of the box (no software updates needed).  They practically never froze up, had incredible battery life and were the ultimate in reliability.

Smartphones still lag behind

Of course I’m not actually crazy.  There’s no way I’d swap out my state of the art Samsung s5 for the 6100 that’s collecting dust in my closet today.  However while today’s smartphones are technological wonders, they have a long way to go in terms of resiliency.  Just take a look at what happens when a new iPhone 6 falls on the pavement.

While your smartphone isn’t as durable as Nokia 6100, there is much you can do to protect them.  One convenient and cost effective way to defend your phone with dust plugs.

Did you own a Nokia?  Do you have a story you want to share?  Let me know in the comments below!



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