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What to Expect from the New iPhone 7 Concepts

With fascinating new technology always around the corner, it isn’t hard to believe the amount of speculation about Apple’s next iPhone and what features it may possess. Everyone has dreams of what they want form the new iPhone, so let’s take a look at some of the most innovative new iPhone 7 concepts we may have to look forward to.

iPhone 7 Innovative Screen Concept

In this video by Concepts iPhone, you will see a concept previously designed for the iPhone 6 that didn’t quite make it in time for its launch. These concepts could become even more tangible on the next iPhone with the recent developments in glass, casing, and touchscreen technology. Take a look.

Concept Specs

According to this iPhone 7 concept, it would feature a 4.9 inch front display that will beautifully wrap around one side of the phone, giving it a sleek and smooth appearance. The screen will be Full Sapphire HD with a 700 dpi pixel density. It will also feature a unique home button and touch ID sensor.

It will have iOS 9, Apple’s next operating system, and the Apple A9 chip quad-core 1.8 GHz, which will make the GPU twice as fast. The new iPhone 7 concept also includes NFC sensor and Bluetooth 4.2.

It will boast a 13MP rear-facing camera an 2260 mAh battery. The best part about the battery concepts, is the indicator light that is set around the lightning port, flashing red when the phone reaches 10% or below.

Plenty of Concepts in the Sea

There have been a number of other concepts that feature innovative designs, like wall projection, keyboard projection onto flat surfaces, self-standing capabilities, and even 3D capabilities. What do you want to see from the next iPhone? What do you think we will actually get from the next iPhone? Whatever the case, just be sure to protect your investment and its delicate inner workings. It looks like most of the design concepts are focused on these features, rather than phone safety. The only way to fully protect your devices from internal damage is with an anti-dust plug set or protective cover for your iPhone headphone jack, lightning ports, and USB ports.

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