Must-Try Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge, there is a lot to learn. Samsung’s flagship has so many features to offer that it can get a little overwhelming when exploring your new device. Even if you’ve had it for a little while, you probably still aren’t aware of all of the nifty things this technological beast can do. So, gather around- new users and Galaxy fans alike, here’s a list of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge tips and tricks.

Phone Arena covered it well. They are a good resource for tips and tricks. This article covers some of the basics, like fast charging and wireless charging. They dive into a lot of the software features, shaping the tabs, windows, pop-ups, and dowloader into a manageable and user-friendly experience.

For the creative user, you can also dive further into some of the excellent camera features that the S6 phones have to offer. The tips found her can help you master tracking, focal points, exposure, and even some professional settings. With the amount of photo tips and tricks the S6 is capable of, and the way it is laid out for you here, you could be a pro in no time.

The best part of this guide covers the lesser-known features that these models have to offer, like notification reminders, quick toggle features, private and emergency modes, and so much more. You can also disable unwanted pre-loaded system apps! Phew, what a relief. ANd, don’t forget to take advantage of the 100GB of storage you get for free on OneDrive.

It also dives deeper into some of the features that are specific to the Edge model. This includes edge lighting, People Edge, My People, the information stream, night lock, and quick replies.

Check it out. 

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