Anti-dust plug and magnetic break-away charging cable

The X-Cable: Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

Take a look at your device. It is therefor you, day in, day out. Unfortunately, when we get in a hurry, or just caught up in the daily challenges of life… we forget how sensitive our devices can be. I’m not talking feelings, I am talking about the ports. We yank the cords out, we plug them in without looking, we mash, smash, wiggle, jiggle, and otherwise destroy our ports without really knowing it. Let’s take a look at our most recent addition to the PortPlugs family. The X-Cable is currently available for Android users, but an iPhone version may be in the works.  
X cable close up

The Pains of Charging

It can be a pain. A daily annoyance- just to plug in your smartphone or tablet and get it going for the day. We don’t always take the time to think about it, we just plug it in. We plug them in when we are half asleep, in the dark, while driving, while eating, while looking away, you name it. You either get frustrated trying to plug it in and end up jamming it until you hear a crunch, or you sometimes just give up altogether. Your cables, ports, devices, adapters,and even outlets, and in a daily struggle for survival around here. We wanted to bring you the solution.

PortPlugs is excited to offer the magnetic micro USB charging “X-Cable”, which is specially designed for your convenience and the safety of your ports and other components. It is a unique magnetic adapter for your phone, but also doubles as an anti-dust plug and port cover. With this smart tool, charging your phone becomes a lot less stressful. When you’re done charging, remove the magnetic cable portion. The adapter will stay inside of the port, keeping dust, dirt, and other debris out of your phone while it is in use. When it needs a boost again, just hold the micro USB cord portion over the adapter inside of your port, and SNAP! You’re charging. You can see why we’ve been excited to bring you this awesome tool.

Here’s What You’ll Want to Know 

micro usb dust plug magnet

This cable is light and durable, as all connectors are made from premium quality materials. It is cleverly designed to work as an anti-dust plug (not recommended to be used with a phone case), protecting your phone’s charging port from dust, dirt and other contaminants that could damage your favorite device. You’ll love how easy it is to use. Micro USB plug easily snaps on and off, which reduces the wear that would normally occur while inserting or removing the cable. Cleverly designed to work as an anti-dust plug, protecting your phone’s charging port from dust, dirt and other contaminants that could damage your favorite device. Not recommended to be used with a phone case.
micro usb android charger

This metal magnetic charging cable can be used for charging and data transfer with multiple devices: from smartphones to tablets and even some digital cameras and other gadgets. Let the LED indicator show you that power is flowing to your device. Since many of us have more than one device that operates on micro USB, each set includes 2 charging adapters, you can easily switch between them, increasing the value of this accessory. PortPlugs is a trusted USA based provider of mobile accessories, so you can trust us when we say “We’ve got you covered”.

Stop Struggling with Your Charger! Check this exciting new product outHERE.

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