LG G4 Features Making iPhone Users Jealous

If you are looking at an LG G4 features, there’s certainly plenty to be impressed by. They sure are making it difficult for the usual front-runners to stay at the top with a wave of new features that could make an iPhone user a little jealous. Boasting one of the world’s most impressive display screens, the G4 is sure to take the lead for users who love a good visual. The IPS Quantum Display is stunning, with vivid colors, perfect contrast, and well-balanced.

That’s not the only thing here that is pretty to look at. The G4 boasts a beautiful leather casing available in a variety of colors, an option that is not readily available for iPhone users and has its limitations.

For smartphone photographers, the camera has a few new things to offer that you haven’t seen before, including a manual camera mode built right in. You can also hoot RAW images, and fully control more of the professional features the camera has to offer, like white balance, ISO, shutter, and focal points.

Users will also enjoy the new color spectrum sensor discreetly tucked away next to the LED flash. You will be impressed with color reproduction, as this sensor can instantly read colors within the frame and adjusts them to capture the colors more accurately, as you see them.

If you always enjoyed being able to carry a spare battery with you for your phone, you are in luck. The LG G4 stays relevant with a removable battery, so users don’t have to be dependent on a portable charger from some other company.

This phone supports MicroSD! Expandable memory is great. Sure, you could pay more for a phone that already has a large memory, but how much more are you willing to pay, and then what? Truly customize your memory with multiple cards for different purposes, or move up as you need more space. Either way, save money and make it your own. The sky’s the limit.

For more specifics and details about these wonderful features, check out this article on BGR.


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