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How To Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Every time we get a new smartphone, we open up the sleek new packaging and cherish it like a treasure. You hold and appreciate its curves and features. You slide it around your hands to appreciate the weight and efficient design. You spend hours, or even days, getting things integrated, downloaded, installed, and customized.

A few months go by, and- what happened? Probably just life. You work, you travel, you spill coffee on it, it gets dropped, and the kids try to use it as a spoon. You are now finding unidentifiable substances crammed into the micro USB port that was once as shiny and sleek as the device itself. You’re not sure what it is, but it has no business being jammed into your headphone jack.

Smartphones get dirty. Every time you place a call, you can see the natural oils, or even makeup, from your face all over your beautiful device. It has been shown in recent studies that cell phones can hold more bacteria (the bad kind) than some of the filthiest things you can think of. If you haven’t had enough close calls with your phone already, then cleaning it may seem a little bit scary. What cleaners are safe? Will it scratch the screen? Will it damage the ports? How often should I clean it? Once it is clean, how do I keep it that way?

rsz- cotton

Be Gentle

Remember that this is a sleek piece of technology with inner-workings that could make, even the most informed techies nervous to explore. You want to choose things that are lint-free, soft, pliable and not scratchy. Do not use cleaners that are strong, concentrated, or intended for a specific purpose that is not cleaning technology. If you want to avoid causing further damage, malfunction or voiding of your warranty, try not to pop the outer shell off unless you have to. We want to keep your smartphone clean AND intact!

For Screens

  • Never use glass cleaner with ammonia, like Windex. It can damage the LCD.
  • Never use paper towels as they are rough with fibers that can scratch your screen.
  • Never submerge or douse with water. Obviously that is a bad idea…
  • Use a microfiber cloth like the one that came with your glasses.
  • Dilute rubbing alcohol with water to wipe phone down, as it will evaporate quickly

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For Ports

  • Compressed Air is a safe way to blow away dust and crumbs that are easily seen in ports.
  • A cotton swab with the diluted solution of rubbing alcohol may grab grime the air didn’t.
  • If it has some serious gunk, you may GENTLY try a soft-bristled tooth brush.

Keeping it clean

Now, that wasn’t so hard. After all of that nerve-racking cleaning, you need some reassurance. Obviously, protective screen covers and cases are helpful, but they too can collect grime and bacteria in the creases and don’t always protect your ports from uninvited crud. If you want to maintain a clean smartphone, you will want to get some type of anti-dust plug for your USB ports, charging port, lightning port, and headphone jack port. Dust plugs come in a wide range of fits and materials that are safe for the inner-workings of your device. They are a great solution to keep your smartphone clean, especially for those of us who refuse to use protective case. If you try to stay up on technology, you may like the new UV phone sterilizers that are capable of ridding your device of 99.9 percent of bacteria after only a few seconds. Check them out here and here.

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