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9 Time Saving iPhone Tricks You Should Know About

Even though the world is filled with countless iPhone owners, many of them still don’t know how to fully control their phones. If you’d like to save some time and further simplify your iPhone, these are 9 tricks that you can start using right now!

1. Turn off predictive text.

Predictive text seems like a good idea when you first turn it on, but in practice, it can actually take longer to tap out a simple text message than it would be without the help.  You can turn off this feature by navigating to your “Settings” app and tapping “General” and “Keyboard.” There, you’ll find a slider to disable the feature forever!

2. Quickly adjust camera brightness.

If your photos just aren’t turning out the way you’d like, you can try getting them right the first time by altering their brightness. With the camera app open, tap the screen to focus it on your subject. You’ll see a sun appear; move your finger up and down on the screen and the brightness will change accordingly.

3. Enter debit/credit card numbers in a flash.

If you’re filling out an online form for a purchase using your iPhone, you might notice a “Scan Credit Card” option once you begin typing in your card information. Tap this option and you’ll be able to quickly scan your physical card with your phone. The iPhone will automatically enter your card information for you!

4. Get to your picture messages more quickly.

In normal cases, it takes quite awhile to scroll through text conversations to locate old picture messages. You can easily locate them in no time by tapping “Details” at the top of any messaging conversation. On the next screen, scroll until you see a collection of your picture messages listed under “Attachments.”

5. Make “Siri” completely hands-free.

If your hands are already busy with other things, it can be a pain to stop what you’re doing and turn Siri on. By navigating to your “Settings” app and then choosing “General” and “Siri,” you can turn the “Hey Siri” feature on. This feature allows you to start a conversation with the phone by saying, “Hey Siri” without ever needing to touch it. The only catch is that your phone must be connected to a power source for this feature to work.

6. Quickly erase text with a shake.

Don’t like that paragraph of text you just tapped out? Instead of hitting the backspace button multiple times, simply shake the device at any point, and you’ll be prompted to “Undo Typing.”

7. Forget the on-screen button for pictures.

Little do most people know, you don’t have to use the large circular button on your camera app to snap pictures. You can also use your phone’s volume keys to capture photos. This method is actually more natural and lets you snap photos more like you would with a digital camera

8. Make your phone flash for alert notifications.

Sometimes you can miss a new text message because you didn’t hear the alert or feel the vibration alert. It’s easy enough to set the iPhone’s LED flash as an alert signal. Simply open the Settings menu, select General, Select Accessibility, and then toggle LED Flash for Alerts on..

9. Lastly, take pictures using your earphones.

If you are using Apple’s official earphones, then you already have the ability to snap a picture with the iPhone’s camera app. Whether you are taking a selfie, or are using a tripod to steady your shot, simply press the talk button to capture the picture. This little tip will make sure you get a great shot the first time you take it.


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