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Hassle-free Samsung and iPhone Screen Repair

If you’ve ever owned a smartphone, you have likely also dropped one. Often times, this ends with a cracked or damaged display screen. It happens. There are quite a few different things you can do, but we all know that a number of those could end with a poor repair or an empty pocket.

Luckily there is a handy new start-up making their name in this growing market for smartphone repairs. If you decided not to get that warranty, or you just don’t want to track down the phone repair guy at the mall (who is never in the same kiosk), then you may want to check out iCracked. They can bring the repair shop to you. They offer Samsung, iPad and iPhone screen repairs. Some more good news for you? They pay more for your phone than most services, like Gazelle.

How to Get Started

You can actually get their iOS app, or head to the website and let them know what you need. Fill in some basics, like your phone model, condition, and which service you are interested in. From there, you’ll be in touch with a specialist who can set up a meeting with you and lock in a quote.

They can repair it for you right then and there. Most repairs are said to take less than an hour, all of which are covered by their one year warranty.

If it Seems Hopeless, It’s Not…

If it is beyond repair, or you just don’t want to fool with it, then selling it is a breeze. They provide reimbursement for your broken phone via pre-paid debit card. What’s even better is that they give this to you on the spot and it can be used online or in stores.

If you live outside of their service area, you do have the option to mail in your broken smartphones.

Download the iCracked app from the App Store or iCracked.com.


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