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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone Headphones

Even as an Apple enthusiast, I am sure that the list of things you didn’t know your headphones could do, is larger than you think. These “EarPods” come with every iDevice you can think of. In fact, most people I know have a drawer full of them, but we shouldn’t be so quick to replace or disregard them. Take a look at this video. It goes through a list of 14 things that iPhone headphones are capable of, that just may make life a little easier. I came across some of the best features in this excellent informative video. Take a look.

Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Headphones Could Do

More Than We Expected

1. These headphones offer so much more than in-hand volume control. The ability to control your library is great. It gives you more freedom to be hands-free.

2. Apple goes even deeper by adding song control. You can play a song, and even skip forward to the next without getting your device out. You can actually start a song over, or skip backwards/forward to a particular section of that song. This is incredibly versatile for a set of small earphones that many people disregard as “default”, or “basic”.


3. Aside from some expected musical functions, these EarPods offer a wide range of in-call functionality and versatility. I really think this shines through most with some of the call functions it possesses. One of my favorites, is the ability to answer a call from the headphones while you are listening to music. This is great for obvious reasons.

4. Once again, Apple takes it even further by allowing you to ignore a call, and even use call waiting features.

5. Last, but certainly not least, the discreet microphone that is now a part of this sleek design is long overdue. The simple fact that it is built into the iPhone headphones without being bulky or protruding, is a major convenience.

Continue to Enjoy These Features

You can continue to take advantage of all of these wonderful features that apple now has to offer by keeping the iPhone headphone jack ports free of pocket lint, dust, dirt and grime with a simple dust plug or port cover. Keeping this port clean will ensure its functionality.


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