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10 Cool Things Your iPhone Can Do: iPhone 6 Tips and Shortcuts

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with technology, even for a techie! With new technology coming out every week, your head may be spinning trying to figure out all of the nifty tricks your new gadgets can do. With every new model, Apple and other leaders in the mobile industry are coming up with convenient tricks and shortcuts to make the shortcuts we already had… even shorter.

With some of the devices I currently have, I could spend days learning shortcuts and hotkeys, and still not be a master of my devices’ skills. So, lets take the iPhone 6 as a prime example. So many smart new quirks have been added to make our lives easier, but you can’t take advantage of these if you do not know they are there. So, I came across this video by Top 10 Media, and it is a great way to get familiarized with some of the lesser known iPhone 6 tips and shortcuts.

When it comes to the business end of the spectrum, I really think that the ability to distinguish vibration patterns for various contacts can be quite handy, but that is something that you can do on most phones now. You can also have Siri read incoming email summaries, including the sender, time, and subject. For added security, you can change your settings to require a lettered passcode, as opposed to a numbered pin. And for those days when you are in a pinch, you can now charge even faster when you place your phone on Airplane Mode.

For the artist in us all, having a steady hand isn’t always easy, but being able to snap a picture with the side buttons, a opposed to the on-screen button can be a major help. For inquiring minds, you can ask Siri what flights are above you and it will list the flights overhead, as well as their numbers and other various details.


There are plenty of messaging and typing tips to pick up on the iPhone 6. If you just can’t make up your mind, being able to shake the iPhone to undo or redo typing is a nifty little trick. You can also turn on caps without having to tap the shift each time, and you can now read the timestamp on messages with a quick swipe left. To end this summary perfectly, you can double tap the spacebar, and it will insert the appropriate ending for you.

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