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How to Remove Scratches from Your iPhone 6

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a brand new iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter).  But no matter how careful you are, it’s bound get scratches over time, whether because of the car keys in your pocket, an accidental drop of the phone on the floor, etc.  So don’t panic when it happens, you don’t necessarily need to get the screen repaired or buy a new phone because there are a number of ways you can protect and remove iPhone 6 scratches and scuffs.

Below are some effective tips on removing those stubborn scratches from any phone:

1.    Toothpaste


If you are looking to get rid of small marks on your phone, go to the bathroom and get some toothpaste. Make sure the toothpaste is not gel based. Here’s how you can clean your phone with it:

  • Get a cotton swab or a soft clean cloth
  • Dab it in a bit of toothpaste and rub the screen in gentle circular motions till the scratches disappear.
  • After that is done, get a damp cloth and wipe the residue away.

2.    Car Scratch Removal Creams


Car scratch removal products such as Turtle wax and 3M can effective for minimizing and get rid of the all the scratches on the back of your phone as well as the screen.  Be cautious at first and only apply just enough gentle pressure to remove the scratch.


3.    Extra-Fine Sandpaper


For more stubborn scratches on the back and sides of the phone, you can use extra fine grade sandpaper. Though it is more or less a drastic solution, it does do the job of eliminating scuffs and unwanted scratches. However, when using this method, make sure to get the softest sandpaper available and make sure you don’t damage your finish due to excess force.

4.    Baking Soda


Take your every day baking soda and mix it in water in a bowl and stir until you see the mixture gets thick. Get a clean cloth, dab some of the mixture on the cloth and start wiping your screen. Once done, get a damp cloth to get rid of the excess baking soda.

5.    Baby Powder


Mixing a bit of water with baby powder will result in a light paste you can use to remove the minor scratches off your phone. Consider it an alternative to baking soda.

6.    Vegetable Oil


For hidden scratches, you can use a bit of vegetable oil. However, this does not involve rubbing the oil on the scratches. All you have to do is drop a bit of oil on the scratches.

7.    Other Polishes


Some iPhone owners have had luck using  polishes such as Novus Plastic Polish.  Of course using industrial polishes to remove scratches can be a bit risky because these are powerful chemicals which can easily remove the coating of your screen. So, if you want to go ahead anyways, try it at your risk. First of all, take a bowl and pour some of the polish inside, be sure to place a towel underneath the bowl in case there is spillage. Take a cloth and dip it into the polish, then using up-down motions rub the screen of your phone in circular motions. After you are done, take a clean damp cloth and wipe away the residue.

While many scratches are simply too deep to ever be removed, there are plenty of accessories on the market that will prevent damage from happening in the first place.  In addition to a screen protector and protective case, dust plugs can provide an additional layer of defense. They work by blocking the ports of your Smartphone (such as the lightning port and headphone jack) while they are not in use, keeping out  harmful debris, such as dust, dirt, and lint keeping your ports sealed and protected.


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  1. Toothpaste? That’s genius.. I hear toothpaste works well on removing scuffs from your shoes as well 🙂

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