Remove glass screen protector

How to remove a tempered glass screen protector

One of the first things I do after upgrading to a new smartphone is purchase a screen protector to prevent the glass from cracking or getting scratches. This move makes a lot of sense because a display is one of the most expensive components on any smartphone. The good thing with using screen protectors like tempered glass is that you can remove it when it anytime you wish.

If you are reading this article, then there is a high chance that you need to safely remove the tempered glass from your phone’s display, probably because it is shuttered or has multiple scratches that make it impractical to use. Today I will share two methods that you can use to remove a tempered glass screen protector from your phone, whether it is damaged or not.

These methods do not require any specialized tools. Everything that is needed are things you can easily access either within your house or office. You also don’t need to be technical to do this. All you need is to carefully follow every step that I’ll share. By the end of this article, you will have removed the tempered glass protectors off your phone without causing any damages to the phone’s display. Let’s dive in right away.

Method 1: Use thin and hard paper like a business card

With this method, all you need is hard and thin paper like a business card. Using any card that is thicker than this may not get the job done. So, look through your office space or living for any hard paper that is no thicker than a business card. Here is how you will use it.

  • Pick up the phone with the glass screen protector and choose one corner to start the process.
  • Carefully try to push the tiny hard paper into the section between the display and the screen protector. As you try to push the paper, you will start to see the screen protector getting off the phone’s display at that very point where you have inserted the paper. If your paper is not hard enough, it will bend instead of getting in between the display and the screen protector. So, using hard paper is a must for you to be successful with this step
  • Now that your paper is already in between the display and the screen protector, you can slowly push it through the entire display to gradually peel off the protector.
  • This method will get the screen protector off the phone without creating a single scratch on the phone.

Tips to follow while using this method

  1. Don’t use a plastic card. Some of you might be tempted to use plastic cards like credit cards. Using this kind of card is not a good idea because it may create scratches on the display.
  2. Don’t try to pull off the glass protector just after creating the fast opening. After pushing in the hard paper between the display and the protector, some people may get impatient and try to pull off the glass immediately. Doing this may break the protector further, which may cause scratches on your display, or the glass itself may cut your fingers.

Method 2: Use a razor/surgical blade

Sometimes you’re going to need a stronger tool. This method is suitable for removing glass protectors having a strong adhesive force with your phone’s display. Using a paper card may not work for such a case because it will most likely bend as you try to push it into the section between the display and glass protectors. You may start with method one and then proceed to this method if you are not successful. So, here are the procedures for this method.

  • Get your razor/surgical blade and push it between your phone’s display and the glass screen protector at one of the corners of the phone. You should gradually push the blade until the glass starts to get off the display at the spot where the blade is being pushed.
  • You should then go ahead and slowly move the blade all around the edges of your display to ensure the protector s off your screen at all four sides of your display.
  • At this point, you can slowly pull it off with your hand because it may not be possible to push the blade into the middle of the display.

Tips to ensure you success with this method

  • After the blade has successfully got in between the display and the protector, try to push it towards the side of the protector as you are moving it around all edges of the display. Doing this will protect your display from getting scratches.
  • Avoid twisting the blade as you move it around to peel off the glass protectors. Twisting the blade will also create scratches onto your display, especially if you are using a surgical blade, which is a bit hard.

Things to keep in mind

Remember when it comes to how to remove a tempered glass from your display, it’s a pretty easy task if you follow any of the methods I shared above. I recommend starting with the first method because it is the simplest and also has fewer chances of creating scratches on your display. You should only opt for the second method when the adhesive force between the protector and your display is too strong for the hard-thin paper to get in between these two.

While removing the protector, you should also remember that the idea is protecting your screen from getting scratches during the process. So, as you remove it, whether with a thin paper or blade, make sure you put more force towards the side of the glass protector and not your phone’s display.

Finally, don’t forget it’s important to take care of the inside of your phone as well. Using a simple protective accessory like PortPlugs can save your favorite device from issues such as slow charging, poor connections and moisture damage. Pick up a set today and extend the life of your devices.

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