How to Avoid a Mobile Virus

How to Protect Your Smartphone from a Virus

It goes without saying that where there is computer related technology, regardless of the size of the devices, there are bound to be viruses lingering around. And with things going so fast in the modern world where you can see new technology coming out every year, it is no wonder that the mobile technology revolution has given rise to a number of viruses which are programmed to wreak havoc and cause malicious damage to smartphones and tablets along with a number of other devices.

When it comes down to it, cell phone viruses can spread and operate in pretty much the same way as a computer virus and it can just as easily download itself into the files of your smartphone. Although it is true that major brands like Apple and Samsung have somewhat managed to control and prevent the spread of dangerous viruses that target smartphone and tablets.

The most harmful viruses need to be designed and created to so that they are not overly complicated to for people to discover and inadvertently install them. Without know if there is malicious intent, all that smartphone users can do is to protect their phones from different viruses.  Viruses are methodical in the way they attack. Some viruses hide in email attachments, games and photos, among other things. The users, who are naturally oblivious to the fact that the attachments could contain a virus, open them and invite the virus inside to infect the device.

In addition, Bluetooth which provides easy two-way communication and transfer of data makes it convenient for most viruses to travel and infect another Bluetooth enabled smartphone within a specific range. Once the virus infiltrates your own device, it will deceive you into downloading it via an application or any other file. You can also get the virus by visiting unknown and unsecured websites.

So, how can you protect your phone from viruses? That is a good question. Just take a look below and find out how you can arm your phone to the teeth against malicious viruses:

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone against Spyware

  • Make sure you avoid visiting suspicious websites. There are thousands of malware sites which download a virus to your phone. The best way to avoid this is to install the ‘non-market’ application designed to prevent unsecured access to suspicious sites.
  • Download and install a good mobile security program for your smartphone, such as Lookout Mobile. However, beware of fake software. The best way to do so is to read reviews about different antivirus programs on popular websites.
  • While accessing a Wi-Fi hotspot, be sure to exercise caution

Tips on Securing Your Data

Losing your data due to a virus infection can be devastating. Here are a few tips to help you minimize the damage should your phone ever get infected with a malicious virus:

  • Back up all your date frequently. You can store your data on independent devices, such as external hard drives and desktop hard drives which have a cloud-based encrypted backup system.
  • To prevent restricted access to important data, use devices that incorporate encryption.
  • Enable passwords for everything and not just the phone itself. Be sure to set a password to lock your email, voicemail, internet access and other things.
  • When not using your phone, be sure to turn off your phone’s remote capabilities.

All things considered, it’s really about exercising common sense and protecting your smartphone just as you would your computer.  Follow the tips mentioned above and stay safe!

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