Safeguard Personal Data, tips from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Protect Personal Data on Your Smartphone

Have you ever left your phone somewhere questionable, had it stolen, or simply misplaced it? I think we have all experienced the panic of a missing phone once or twice. These miniature computers are expensive, personal, and a lifeline for some. Most smartphone users have their personal accounts, social media, contacts, addresses, and maybe even some photos on there that just don’t need to be shared with the whole world. We simply must to do everything we can, so here are a few tips to help protect personal data.


You can register your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Often found under the battery or in your phone’s personal information section, this number can be used to block the phone from use when stolen or lost. Police use this number for reports and recovery. You can register your IMEI at sites like TraceChecker and others.

Lock It Up

Have a Password. It may be easier for you to just slide your finger, or hit the home button, but thieves and nosy neighbors know how to do that too. A password or code is the first thing that greets a person when a smartphone wakes up. Lucky thieves can wipe it clean or have a field day with your Facebook when you don’t have a passcode. It’s not only your first line of defense, but one of the best.

Wipe it Clean

Learn how to remotely wipe your data. Use Google Sync, Google Apps Device Policy, Lookout, and Find My iPhone to remotely wipe personal data from your smartphones.It’s easier to protect personal data when it’s not there to be taken.

Protect It Anyways

If you have a strong antivirus helps even when you have your phone on you. Even when your phone is resting in your pocket or bag, it is still susceptible to viral attacks and data leakage. It is important to protect your phone with an antivirus and be careful about what you download. Read the reviews and ratings.

Phone Finders

Get yourself a finder app! You won’t regret it. Many phones are equipped with GPS, which aids in the tracking process. You can get apps that integrate with this feature to help keep tabs on your devices at any given time. Try apps like, My Phone for Windows Mobile, Find My iPhone, Blackberry Protect, or Theft Aware for Android users.

Just be sure you are protecting your investment. Smartphones and other devices are expensive, but also something we depend on daily. Using an anti-dust plug or port cover is the only way to fully protect your phone’s inner workings from pocket lint, sand, dust, dirt, grime, water splashes, dust, and other uninvited debris.

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