Cooling an overheating phone

How to Cool Down an Overheating Smartphone

If you’ve ever felt intense heat coming from your smartphone, you know that your device can heat up fairly quickly and could possibly lead to burning your skin. While you can control some factors of why your phone may overheat, you cannot control the others, such as how your phone was designed. However there is plenty that you can do to avoid the damage sustained by overheating smartphones.  If you want to avoid damaging your phone or even worse burning your skin, then follow the tips mentioned below and your phone will be protected. Alright, so here goes:

Tip #1

Try Not To Leave Your Phone in the Car

Smartphones are overly sensitive to surrounding temperatures, and certain temperatures may cause a phone to overheat with its components melting, rendering the phone useless. Did you know that the average temperature inside of a car can spike up over 20o? This can be 20% more than the average temperature outside, meaning, if the outside temperature is 80o; it can get up to 100o inside the car. This temperature is more than enough to destroy a smartphone left inside. So, be sure to take your phone with you at all times.

Tip #2

Ease Up On the Streaming and Browsing

Browsing and streaming simultaneously can use up a tremendous amount of data processing power and your processor ends up having to do more work. There is a limit to how much heat a phone can handle. Abuse this and your phone will begin to overheat quickly.

Tip #3

Avoid Playing High Definition Games While the Phone Is Charging

It is dumb to play big HD games while your phone tries to get some juice back in it. Playing games like Modern Warfare, Blood & Glory, etc, can eat up a considerably amount of battery life and inflict a heavy toll on its processing speed while it’s charging. So, instead of playing games, let the baby charge first, and then play as much as you want to.

Tip #4

Take the Cover off the Phone When You Charge It

Another tip to avoid overheating your smartphone when it is charging is to take off the cover of your phone because some rubber cases have the tendency to trap a lot of heat which can damage the phone.

Tip #5

Toggle off Unwanted Features

Who in the world want all of their mobile data, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and a bunch of other features on all the time? Well unfortunately, there are some crazies among us who like to switch everything on, which ends up creating a hellhole inside the phone. Always use features you need at the moment instead of switching everything on. And please turn off your GPS when you are at home!

Tip #6

Adjust Your Screen Display Light

We all know how beautiful an HD display looks when fully brightened. There is no doubt about it. But, using your smartphone with 100% bright screen consistently can cause your phone to overheat. So, either switch your phone’s brightness function to auto or keep adjusting it from normal to bright on a need to basis.

In the end it’s about understanding what causes your device to overwork or overheat and applying common sense. Keep checking the PortPlugs blog for tips on how to keep your phone safe and in top shape, ensuring it lasts for as long as possible.


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