clean a dirty headphone jack

How to Clean a Dirty Headphone Jack

Almost everybody uses a smartphone. Most people take great care of their phones. They keep them safe using protective covers which are shock absorbent. They stick transparent covers on the screen of their phone to prevent scratches. However, most people neglect to take care of a pretty important thing on their phones.  Wondering what it is?  Well, you use it just about every day so guessing should be easy, no? Alright, it’s your phone’s headphone jack/port. Can you remember the last time you cleaned it? Have you ever cleaned it before?

Well, if you haven’t cleaned your earphone port because you simply gave up thinking about how you can actually clean such a tiny port, then you don’t need to worry as mentioned here are some of the easiest and simplest methods you can follow to clean your phone’s port:

Compressed Air

Alright, so this one of the easiest ways you can clean your phone’s headphone port is using a pressurized can of air. You can easily find one at your local Best Buy. Compressed air cans have tiny and thin tubes attached to their mouth which, when released, blow pressurized air straight into the headphone port, clearing away any dust or lint.

Cotton Swab

Using a cotton swab is another way of effectively cleaning your headphone port. All you need to do is remove bit of cotton from the stick until it can fit inside the port. Then, spray a bit of alcohol on the swab and start cleaning the port. This way you can ensure a deep clean of the port. Most people attempt to repeatedly insert their headphones pins to remove dust or dirt but that doesn’t do anything at all and can actually damage the port.

Paper Clips

If you don’t have swabs, the next best alternative is to use a paper clip as it is both thin and does not have a sharp end. You can easily use the tip of the pin to scrape out bits and pieces of stubborn lint and dust particles which a cotton swab normally won’t take out. You can even place some sticky tape at the end of the tip so that the dust sticks to the pin.


Your headphone jack along with your charging dock can both get gunk or lint or other dust particles which can seriously affect the performance of both docks. In various instances, smartphones don’t switch from headphone to speaker, without having the headphone in. Instead of taking your phone to a technician to get it cleaned up, you can use an average sewing needle and with gentle hands insert it in the dock and sort of weave it around gently so that the gunk comes out. Keep at it for a few minutes and you’ll see how much dust and lint comes out.

Although the above tips are useful for cleaning the headphone port of your smartphone, wouldn’t it be easier you don’t have to do anything at all? You can easily get good port plugs for your headphone jack in order to prevent your phone’s jack from getting dirty at all. They are easy to use, reasonably priced and above all, you don’t have to worry about not being able to take your phone anywhere, even the beach.

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