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PortPlugs Introduces First 3D Printed Dust Plugs

Innovative Dust Plugs for SmartPhones Protect Ports from Dust, Lint and Liquid Splashes

San Diego, CA, January 12, 2016
PortPlugs kicked off the new year by announcing its two new innovations, the USB-C Dust Plug and the UniPlug for the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy s6. With surveys revealing that a whopping 14 percent of the 209 million smartphone users in the U.S. refuse to use protective phone cases, the latest PortPlugs offerings could improve the odds of keeping these devices safe for a lot of people.

The new USB-C standard already in use in the latest generation of Smartphones such as the Google Nexus, and is set to replace the USB interfaces we’ve used since the mid-1990s. Yet no matter how advanced the technology, high levels of dust, dirt, grime, sand, lint, and other debris eventually find their way into open device ports, wreaking havoc on sensitive internal components.  PortPlugs solution was to develop a line of simple dust plugs, which acts like barriers between sensitive ports and the outside world, allowing Smartphone and tablet users to extend the life of their devices while avoiding expensive repairs.
According to PortPlugs founder David Lewis, dust plugs offer an elegant solution to a universally-frustrating problem. He continues, “We spend so much time finding the perfect cases to protect the exteriors of our phones in the hopes that they’ll last us longer. So why do most of us completely ignore the ports that allow contaminants to destroy the insides of our devices? It’s no surprise that, other than screen damage, port failure is one of the most common reasons for repair or replacement.”

Mobile device industry insiders say that by preventing dirt, grit, sand, lint and even liquids from entering phones and tablets, people may be able to dramatically extend the useful lifetimes of their devices. For the many millions who rely on their $500+ pocket computers for work and everyday life, dust plugs can serve as an economical means of protecting expensive investments.

Lewis says that by working with Oregon-based Innovative Circles, L.L.C. to master 3D printing, the firm was able to create flexible Thermoplastic elastomer that act like a more durable form of rubber. The resulting dust plugs are strong, flexible, and easily able to resist tearing and normal abuse, which gives them a marked advantage over previous solutions.

Early adopters say that PortPlugs accessories have already made huge differences in the condition of their favorite devices, and for Lewis, that’s something worth celebrating. Of course, the company leader isn’t content to rest on prior successes; he’s aiming for expansion in a major way. In addition to offering dust plug sets including the USB C Plug and the UniPlug via their website, the company has partnered with multiple wireless retail locations to share the benefits of their minimalist technology.

About PortPlugs
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, PortPlugs creates dust plugs for smartphones and portable electronics. The company’s innovative, minimalist product range keeps the ports of expensive hardware free from spilled liquids, dust and dirt.

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