Dust Plugs for SmartPhones

Have you ever wondered what would happen if dust and dirt were to infiltrate the inner workings of your smart phone? Perhaps you already know the results which stem from this. When dust or moisture enters a smartphone through a headphone jack, the results can often be catastrophic. The electronic workings can become corroded, causing malfunctions which range from poor sound production, to images that appear fuzzed or discolored. Whenever a pathway is blocked, it is tougher for a signal to reach its final destination. Dust plugs for phones prevent dirt, dust, sand  and other debris from entering and harming your phone. Here are some reasons why you might choose to buy this mode of protection for your phone.

Some people work in environments in which dust is a way of life. For example, construction crews are constantly around dust as heavy machinery kicks it up into the air. These workers cannot afford to leave their smart phones at home, though. Construction workers will tell you that dust gets gets on just about everything you can imagine on certain job sites. Even smart phones which are kept in your pocket are not safe! Dust plugs allow you to work worry-free knowing that your expensive smart phone has the protection it needs.

So, now that you know the value of owning a dust plug for your phone, let’s look at some ways that you can get creative with them. Some people have made some great videos on YouTube regarding how to make your very own Dust plugs! One of these methods involves the use of a polymer clay. This substance is easy to mold between your fingers, and you can shape it into just about anything that you like if you are talented enough to do so. One YouTube video even knows viewers how to make small animals out of the polymer clay. Once you make your own custom figure for your plug, you need to insert the plug itself.

Most people suggest taking an old pair of headphones and cutting the end piece away from it. After you cut the end piece off you will have to remove all of the rubber and plastic coating. This is important, because you want the dust plug to fit your headphone jack in your smart phone perfectly. Once you have cleared away all debris, you can install the plug end into your polymer design. You can use a two-ton clear epoxy as a sealant when you place the plug inside the polymer. This is important because it ensures the strength of the plug. You will be taking it in and out of the ear bud jack constantly.

Dust plugs come in many shapes and sizes, and they are designed to efficiently protect the inner workings of your smart phone.  If you have never used a dust plug before, take a moment to look inside, and around the edges of the input jack on the top of your phone. You will undoubtedly see copious amounts of dust which has gathered in this area.

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