Portable wireless phone chargers, like these by Pond, are just as stylish as your smartphone.

Charging with Style: Wireless Chargers by Pond

It’s wild to imagine that in a sea of technology and brand new handheld phone accessories, that there are only a few of these that you really need. We spend so much money on insurance, customization, programs, apps, protective cases, and more. Why do we do it? We are searching for the right combination of accessories to get he most out of our investment. Wireless chargers are the accessories that will usher our devices into the advances ahead. Why not any of the other wild and brilliant accessories that are being developed tomorrow, or the next day? Let’s find out. 

What do we need from the accessories of the future?

The future of these sleek, beautifully designed smartphones is constantly shifting in a new direction, and it gets more stunning at every turn. Everyone wants great value. Everyone wants dependability. Everyone wants a device that can make their life easier, but it doesn’t stop there. We want it all… with style. Each year, new devices and smartphones are released with crushingly beautiful HD capabilities, smooth body lines, slender figures, and gorgeously designed factory casing. When we see these devices, we fall in love with their design just a little, before we dive into the specs. And who wouldn’t? They’re astonishing.

Technology is constantly progressing, creating new paths and opening new doors to be explored in the future. This applies to all forms of technology, smartphones and their accessories included. With these convenient developments, and helpful features, everyone wants a little bit of spunk. Pond is one of those companies who has their eyes on the horizon.

What makes them so future-ready?

One of the largest strides we have made in the design and development of new mobile phone accessories, is the wireless charger. The removal of cords and wires, make these accessories safer and easier to use. They are the ultimate collaboration of minimalism and convenience. They take up less space, they leave no cord clutter, and they charge full and fast. So, why shouldn’t they look good too? This is what the wireless charger developers at Pond were thinking when they created these beauties.

Screenshot 2015-10-28 at 10.09.43 PM

This is the Pond Wireless Charging Tray. Just take a look at it. It looks great anywhere, it fits in on any surface it sits on. Seeming as though it is a simple decorative dish or bowl, you probably wouldn’t expect what it can do. Without the mess of cables or plugs, you can simply set your device down on its surface, leave your dust plugs in the ports, and charge your devices without much effort at all. That’s not to say that the Pond Valet Tray is not putting in much effort. While you rest your device on its surface, it will be working hard to charge your device fully and quickly. It works with devices that are Qi enabled, runs on a rechargeable battery, and looks great too! This beautifully designed piece of technology comes in a number of finishes, such as maple, walnut, and black enamel.

While this model works wonderfully for in-home use, Pond also offers an option for those on the go without compromising style and elegance. This shows that they are truly looking to the future. The Pond Ripple, is a truly portable charger. It is similar in shape and function to their trays, but also comes in a variety of gorgeous designs to fit the devices of tomorrow. Smaller versions, like the USB-powered Pond Drop, are also simple and stylish.


A match made in heaven?

We think so. With accessories like these, you could obtain a full charge without ever having to remove your dust plugs or port covers. You can charge your device without putting it at risk for damage from debris or everyday environments. Just sit back, and enjoy the sleek design of both your device, and your wireless charger / interior home accessory.

It wasn’t long ago that you could have described the scene as an episode in a science fiction film. You come home, set your phone down on the table, and it charges without lifting a finger or plugging in a thing. This is the future of smartphone accessories, and devices like dust plugs and wireless chargers have their eyes on the horizon.

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  1. Do you have plugs for galaxy s6 edge and note 5? do you ship to hong kong and macau?

    • Hi there, yes the MicroUSB plugs work great for the s6, although we will have custom 2-in-1 plug for Samsung s6 very soon. Similar design to our UniPlug for iPhones. Send us your address through the contact form for an exact shipping quote.

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