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4 Reasons to Love Our New Dust Plug Stylus

Have you ever tried using a stylus before? I have tried a few, and I always end up disappointed. It gets lost, it loses its zing, and I never seemed to have one when it would have done me any good. With touchscreens and smartphones they way they are now, it seems hard to find a good reason to keep one around, let alone pay what some of these companies are asking for one. It’s time for a change… we proudly present our new 4-in-1 dust plug stylus. It can be used as a headphone jack dust plug, stylus for any smart device, a stand to hold it up, and a ballpoint pen. If you haven’t found a stylus you have to have yet, this is the one.

It’s a Dust Plug

As with our other dust plugs and protective gear for smartphones, this dust plug stylus safely blocks your ports from damage that can be caused by pocket lint, dirt, dust, sand, splashes, and other elements. The stylus plugs into the 3.5 mm headphone jack port of your device, keeping it securely attached, while providing protection to it’s inner workings.


It’s a Ballpoint Pen & Stylus

These day’s it’s easy find accessories that help safeguard your devices, but what makes this plug so valuable is the convenience it offers. It’s like a multi-tool for smart devices. You’ve got a writing utensil when you need it, that is digital or paper-ready. Perfect for use with apps that require precision touches or for capturing a digital signature on the go.

stylus stand

It’s a Device Stand

This all-in-one stylus doesn’t stop there. It can also be used as a stand for most any device. It is designed to function as a prop, so you can take timed pictures, share videos, and whatever else you want to do. The possibilities are limitless.

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It Folds Up For Easy Storage

It won’t get lost easily, since it attaches to your ports securely, but it is still small and easy to stow away. This new addition to the PortPlugs product line comes in packs of three. This will assure that you always have a spare and can designate each one for the various devices you use everyday. The three pack gives you the best value, and provides backups to use as replacements, or even gifts for others.

It’s so easy to use, and safe for your devices. Plugging into the 3.5 mm headphone jack port without obstructing other ports keeps it close when you need it, while providing protection. It works in combination with other port plug products to keep all areas safe and free of dust and other debris.

stylus pen stand

This dust plug stylus is made for people who have never been impressed with a stylus before. You’ll find that this attractive stylus will quickly become one of your favorite gadget accessories and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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