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DIY Smartphone Repair with These 5 Essential Parts

If you have ever owned a cell phone, ever, you have broken one. For new users, maybe not yet, but you will. I am not placing the blame, but we have all been in this position. So before you shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a repair in a shop, take a look at some of the repairs that you can easily do yourself. All you need is the right replacement parts, a few tools, and a little guidance. The best part? You can overcome the most common smartphone repair issues with these basic parts.

Smartphone Screen Repair

edit screen

Often times, a cracked screen looks worse than it is, most of them consisting of mere surface damage. This being said, a home repair is not as crazy as it used to sound. Some scuffs and scratches can even be removed with the use of repair creams. Save money by learning how to replace your screen from home. Check out this video from Fixez to help repair a Galaxy screen. You can also find videos by this team that will show you how to fix almost any smartphone screen, as well as other issues. There are plenty of options when it comes to your broken screen. For more guidance on this type of repair, check out our post on the best fixes for a broken phone screen.

Not so bad, but let’s see what else you are capable of.

Charger Repair

broken phone charger fix

YES, you can. Stop dishing out hard-earned cash, every time a charger breaks. The worst part is when you try to save money on a new charger, and your replacement charger goes bad within one week of use. Here are a few tips and fixes we pulled together that you may want to give a try, before throwing in the towel… or the old charger. These are so simple, and include easy fixes. With a little cleaning, maybe some tweezers, twisting, or a little electrical tape, you can have your charger working just fine again in no time. Find more tips on charging optimization here.

Headphone Jack Repair

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You could have the newest model smartphone, built and bred for sound quality, but your headphone jack is still susceptible to damage. No matter how good your phone’s sound quality is, the headphone jack can still be susceptible to damage. Lucky for you, we have a few tips to fix it up, clean it out, and keep it in shape. One of our best tutorials can even show you how to remove a broken headphone jack from your 3.5 mm headphone jack. Check it out! There are also many videos and tutorials that can be found for replacing it altogether. Here is a good one by Smart Easy Repair for the Galaxy Note Edge, but you can find a plethora of videos that are specific to your phone.

Whatever needs to be done to get your headphone jack working properly, just be sure you are protecting it from further damage with an anti-dust plug or port cover.

Smartphone Loudspeakers

The loudspeaker has got to work! It helps perform some of the most essential everyday tasks that your phone has to offer. Cracking, popping, fuzz, nothing at all… all annoyances when ti comes to your speakers, especially if you bought that phone that has the latest and sweetest sound system. Don’t get down on yourself yet, it can be repaired easier than you think. heck out this easy example from iPhone Repair Miami. Once again, you can find a video specific to your model online.

If you can’t find a video specifically geared towards the loudspeaker replacement of your smartphone, you’re still in the clear! Just search for a breakdown or tear-down disassembly video for your device. These types of videos can show you how to disassemble and reassemble your device from head to toe (safely).

Camera Replacement (Rear-Facing and Front-Facing)

Smartphone photographers, nostalgic nuts, and social media butterflies alike- listen up! There is still hope for your broken smartphone camera. Check out these twin videos from Fixez, featuring an iPhone 5s.

Until then, the internet will be okay without your selfie with the weather guy you ran into at the supermarket.

So, you see, the world of DIY smartphone repair doesn’t have to be so scary. Think about that next time, before you go to the repair shop. It’s okay to want to hold our hand. We have your back. Just be sure you are protecting your devices in the long-run from further damage by covering your ports, safeguarding your screens, keeping it clean, and just having fun. We’ll be here if you need us. 

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