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3D Smartphone Hologram Projector by by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

Make Your Own 3D Smartphone Hologram Projector

While the vivid holographic images of science fiction are still around the corners of the future, DIY’ers are coming up with new ways to imagine- beyond what is given to us. Taking simple objects and discarded items from around the home to repurpose and make better, is the new way of life. With this perspective, we can do just about anything we set our minds to, even if we have to use old junk to do it. Here, you will be given the tools and steps to create a DIY smartphone hologram projector Read More

new iphone concepts

What to Expect from the New iPhone 7 Concepts

With fascinating new technology always around the corner, it isn’t hard to believe the amount of speculation about Apple’s next iPhone and what features it may possess. Everyone has dreams of what they want form the new iPhone, so let’s take a look at some of the most innovative new iPhone 7 concepts we may have to look forward to. Read More

What The Repair Shop Won't Tell You- PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

5 Things a Phone Repair Shop Technician Won’t Tell You

If you take the time to talk to any repair technician, you will pick up on some vital phone repair tips. One of the biggest obstacles that technicians face with customers seeking phone repairs, is customers who aren’t fully aware of the time and care that goes into a safe and quality repair job. These are the people that handle your technology with care and deal with this stuff on a daily basis. So, before you head to phone repair shop, there are a few things your wireless repair technician wants you to know. Read More

Tangled Headphones? Find out why, from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

The Science Behind Tangled Headphones

Grr! My headphones are always in a wadded tangled mess. I mean, I am not a messy person. I take care of my things and try my hardest to keep them smoothed out, so why do they always end up in a jumbled mess? There is actually a scientific explanation for constantly tangled headphones. Let’s check it out. Read More

Scanning with your smartphone, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

Scanning with your Smartphone: Photos and Docs

Finding a smartphone with a great camera is getting easier, as designers and developers are constantly creating features and apps to push the limits of the digital imaging world. If you walk into a store and take a look at the latest smartphones, you won’t find many with a camera that has less around 8 megapixels. With all of these imaging developments, it is not hard to believe that your phone could be the most convenient and efficient pocket scanner you could ask for. Scanning images and documents to your smartphone doesn’t mean a loss of quality. Follow the simple guidelines for scanning with your smartphone. Read More

The Future of Smartphones, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

Future of Smartphones: Features We’d Like to See

Do you ever think back to what technology was ten or fifteen years ago? In that short span of time, we have seen some phenomenal advances in technology. The smartphone and other smart devices are some of the biggest. Let’s take a peek into the future of smartphones and see what we may have to look forward to.

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Safeguard Personal Data, tips from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Protect Personal Data on Your Smartphone

Have you ever left your phone somewhere questionable, had it stolen, or simply misplaced it? I think we have all experienced the panic of a missing phone once or twice. These miniature computers are expensive, personal, and a lifeline for some. Most smartphone users have their personal accounts, social media, contacts, addresses, and maybe even some photos on there that just don’t need to be shared with the whole world. We simply must to do everything we can, so here are a few tips to help protect personal data. Read More

Dust Plug Stylus, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

4 Reasons to Love Our New Dust Plug Stylus

Have you ever tried using a stylus before? I have tried a few, and I always end up disappointed. It gets lost, it loses its zing, and I never seemed to have one when it would have done me any good. With touchscreens and smartphones they way they are now, it seems hard to find a good reason to keep one around, let alone pay what some of these companies are asking for one. It’s time for a change… we proudly present our new 4-in-1 dust plug stylus. It can be used as a headphone jack dust plug, stylus for any smart device, a stand to hold it up, and a ballpoint pen. If you haven’t found a stylus you have to have yet, this is the one.

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Speed Test: Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6

The release of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are a new step in the evolution of Samsung’s smartphone designs.

As these devices now represent the best of the best, we are seeing a lot of data to compare the new line of Galaxies to Apple’s standby, iPhone 6. The statistics and options are enough to drive you mad. A recent speed test that was conducted may shed new light on your decision. Read More

Prevent Smartphone Theft, tips by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

6 Ways to Prevent Smartphone Theft

It can happen to anyone, no matter how lucky you think you may be. If you don’t take the proper steps to prevent smartphone theft, your device could be the next thing on the back of the proverbial milk carton. Scratch your paranoia and rest a little easier with these top steps to ward of phone thieves. Read More

protect a new iphone

Protect A New iPhone For Less Than $6

With Mother’s day right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to pick out the perfect gift.  So what do you get for a mom who already has a shiny new iPhone? Our aluminum PortPlugs are stylish, affordable and they are an effective way to protect mom’s ports from dust, lint, and any other fluff in the bottom of her purse.   Read More

DIY Smartphone Projector, how to get it, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Make a DIY Smartphone Projector

How many times have you wanted to share a video with a multitude of people, only to find yourselves crowded around a smartphone, running out of shoulder room, and not fully catching what was supposed to be shared to begin with? It has happened to us all. More often than not, the most convenient device is the one we have on us at the time something amazing happens, so we need to get used to adapting in this awesome new world of possibilities. Impress your family, friends, or even your date with this super handy trick to making a smartphone projector with household objects. It’s simple and it’s fun. But, be careful, you might just impress someone! Read More

Remove a Broken Headphone Plug, help from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Remove a Broken Headphone Plug from Your iPhone

When you have a problem with your phone, there are always going to be forums that tell you how to fix them. The problem with these, is that they are often difficult, not adjusted to our knowledge or skill-set, or require some odd collection of tools that the average Joe doesn’t have lying around. Read More

Smartphone Starter Guide- Optimization for new users.

Smartphone Starter Guide: How To Optimize Your New Device

For the budding techie in everyone, there are certain things you should know when it comes to your new smartphone. Even if you are familiar with these wonderful new contraptions, you may want to take a look at some of the best tips and tricks to setting up your new smartphone, and keeping it running great. Sit back and invoke the knowledge of the smartphone starter guide- giving everything you need to consider to get your new companion ready to do great things. Read More