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Trigger Actions from Your iPhone with a Tap

If keyboard shortcuts aren’t your thing, say “Hello” to the Alfred Remote app for your phone or other IOS devices. Some of you may be familiar with Alfred, the productivity application for Mac OS X that provides a number of different functions. These include, but are not limited to launching applications, performing web searches, bookmarking and customer searches, as well as pasting clipboard snippets and even control of iTunes. Now, you can do all of this with your phone!

What can It Do for You?

Saving custom searches and launching your favorite websites with a simple phone tap doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, there is so much more you can do. Manage your trash bin, screen saver options and even lock your computer from your phone. You can also use some system commands. Place your computer in sleep mode, shut it down, restart it, or lock it remotely. You can also launch various apps, files and folders and all of this can be customized by you. You select which functions you want Alfred to be able to do from your phone and it communicates that with your Alfred app on the computer.

Get the Most Out of Your Alfred Remote

You can really do a lot with this remote app if you are a Powerpack user. One of my favorite functions- snippet pasting! You can save blurbs of frequently used text and verbiage to access it on the go, which is also helpful with email signatures. Who doesn’t want to save time? Exactly. Use the remote app from your phone to do this and so much more.

itunes 7

With the iTunes control, you can search, play, skip and even rate your favorite track and albums without touching the computer. I have had one of the small magic remotes by Mac, and let me tell you… this is better. The functions on the Mac remote were limited to volume, skip and some navigation to float through various songs in your library. You have so much more functionality with this. You can also browse, open or email files housed on your computer. One of the benefits of having a productivity tool like this on the phone is how convenient it is.

What Makes it so User-friendly

The app does all of this from your phone or IOS device. It acts as a personal command center for Alfred 2 on your Mac. You can customize the various actions you want integrated into the Alfred Remote app and control these functions with a simple tap. The app presents these functions with handy icons instead of having to remember all of those insane amounts of hotkeys. Don’t get me wrong, hotkeys are awesome, but there are so many of them with different functions and combinations and limitations, and that can boggle anybody’s mind. It really is just a powerhouse of productivity. Check the Alfred Remote out for yourself.


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