dust plugs for samsung

PortPlugs Introduces First 3D Printed Dust Plugs

Innovative Dust Plugs for SmartPhones Protect Ports from Dust, Lint and Liquid Splashes

San Diego, CA, January 12, 2016
PortPlugs kicked off the new year by announcing its two new innovations, the USB-C Dust Plug and the UniPlug for the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy s6. With surveys revealing that a whopping 14 percent of the 209 million smartphone users in the U.S. refuse to use protective phone cases, the latest PortPlugs offerings could improve the odds of keeping these devices safe for a lot of people. Read More

Screen protectors made from ballistic glass will protect your screens from shattering.

What are Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors

If you haven’t heard about these ballistic glass screen protectors for the iPhone 6s and Plus, then listen up! Recently launched by a company called Tech Armor, these screen protectors are no joke! If you have the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, then you have probably dropped your phone already. If you haven’t, you will. Their design makes it hard to avoid. In a recent post by reliable tech forum BGR, the spotlight is aimed at Tech Armor on Amazon.com for its affordable solution to Apple’s slippery aluminum casing. Keeping on trend with the new movement of phone nudists, these sleek screen protectors are able to offer protection without the bulk of an expensive phone case.

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